Immortals, ECS Season 4 matches forfeited

Immortals have forfeited all their Season 4 matches as they are unable to field 60% of their registered line-up.

The Esports Championship Series have been informed that ECS Season 4 team Immortals are unable to field a line-up containing 60% of their registered players for their remaining four matches.

ECS rules state that a team cannot change more than 60% of their line-up during a full season. As Immortals was no longer able to follow this rule, all matches of ECS Season 4 have been changed into 16-0 forfeits. As a consequence, Immortals will fall to the tenth spot in the North American division and must re-qualify for Season 5 through a promotional match.

Due to all matches changing into forfeits, none of the players of the team have made an impact on the League in any way. Players are now allowed to join other teams in the League, as long as those teams follow all rules regarding line-up changes and transfers.