All Your Bass: The Videogame Music Festival Line Up

Announced in early November All Your Bass: The Videogame Music Festival  is a new videogame music and audio festival coming to Nottingham on January 19th & 20th 2018.

The festival features outstanding headline acts:

  • Legendary Japanese Videogame composer Masaya Matsuura,
  • Heartbeat of the 80s home computer scene Rob Hubbard
  • A live performance of Dear Ester by the Liverpool Philharmonic accompanied by on-screen play through by Thomas McMullenan followed with Q&As with BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry.

In addition we’re delighted to announce a number of further additions to our programme:

  • Alistair Lindsay, Head of Audio at Sony, will share the audio past and future of the playstation classic WipEout.
  • Taking inspiration from the sounds of classic videogame hardware systems virtuoso pianist Yshani Perinpanayagam will explore ideas of game and play at the piano
  • A performance of Monument Valley’s music
  • A live composer commentary on Donkey Kong and Snake Pass from David Wise
  • A fireside chat with David Housden and Mike Bithell as they discuss their award-winning collaborations on Thomas was Alone & Volume.
  • The exciting Retro Hour podcast and Blake Troise will celebrate modern chip-tunes and one-bit audio
  • Graeme Norgate speaking about his experiencing composing Goldeneye 64 and Free Radical
  • Chris Abbott shares his experiences launching ‘Project Hubbard’ through Kickstarter
  • Sheridans’ Law on hand to answer all your licensing questions
  • A live performances of innovative composition Climb! from composer Maria Kallionpaa and the University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab.

Tickets are £80 (two-day) and £45 (one-day) available at .