Gaming fans and industry professionals are eagerly looking forward to the INTERNATIONAL GAMES WEEK BERLIN 2017. The mega event combines 10 various gatherings under an umbrella brand (#gamesweekberlin). The booming start-up metropolis of Berlin consequently also becomes the world capital of computer games for a week with an expected 15,000 visitors. The #gamesweekberlin will open on Monday evening, 24 April 2017, with the Opening Summit in the STATION Berlin. The Opening Summit as well as numerous other events during the week are being supported by the Medienboard-Berlin Brandenburg.

The diversity of events stems from the variety and social relevance of digital, interactive entertainment. Games are business (annual turnover of games software in Germany in 2015: 1,99 bn Euros, source: BIU 2016), a driving force in technology and the means of artistic expression.

The issues being addressed at the #gamesweekberlin have accordingly taken shape: at times concrete (developer trends, job market), and at times creative (interactive art), they range from games knowhow in the manufacturing industry through to the intangible pipedreams of virtual reality. There are business events for exclusive target groups and fun events for core gamers and the whole family.

Highlights for gamers

Game Cinema, 29 April, Babylon Mitte Cinema
A mixture of Saturday night show, eSport and Let’s Play – Game Cinema has gamers competing against one another on the big cinema screen in funny local multiplayer games such as SpeedRunners and Gang Beasts. And every one of the 350 guests in the cinema can take part and win fantastic prizes. And it also includes chats with well-known developers and matches against celebrity guests from the world of eSports. The fun will be moderated and streamed live on Twitch.

The exhibition of A MAZE. / Berlin, 26 – 29 April, RAW Area
Half conference, half exhibition, the third half can’t be expressed in words. A MAZE. / Berlin is the annual highlight for the international indie games scene, those independent games developers whose games are as much art as they are entertainment. In addition: a freely accessible exhibition at Urban Spree in the RAW Area with crazy games design, exciting virtual reality landscapes and interactive art installations.

Womenize! Girls Make Games Workshops, 27 April, Wooga
Womenize! – down to earth virtual reality workshop for women and girls who are still underrepresented in the technical professions.

Making Games Festival, 24 – 26 April, STATION Berlin
Meet the makers of your favourite games, discover brand new games and be one of the first to play over 30 as yet unpublished indie games at the Making Games Festival.

Gamefest, 28 – 30 April, Computer Games Museum & Alte Feuerwache
Exciting, entertaining, stimulating – a programme that covers everything around game culture. With cult classics such as the StayForver! live blog from Gunnar Lott and Christian Schmidt, the Night of the Renarrated Game as well as a join-in exhibition of games for historic consoles and more. The Gamefest is for accomplished gamers from today and yesterday, for families and everyone interested in game culture.

For professional delegates from all over the world

QUO VADIS, 24 – 26 April, STATION Berlin
Europe’s oldest games developer conference QUO VADIS offers its participants an excellent conference programme: the makers of such games as Star Wars Battlefront, Assassin’s Creed, Star Citizen, Worms or Day of the Tentacle Remastered will share their expert knowledge with some 3,000 professional delegates from 24 to 26 April. Tickets for the English-language conference are available from 379€ (plus VAT) at

researching games BarCamp, 28 – 29 April, Youth Hostel Berlin Ostkreuz
At the researching games BarCamp games scientists and game developer come together to discuss the scientific research and the practical experience of digital games. All disciplines – from Computer Science to Religious Studies – are most welcome.

APITS DAY, 27 April, HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences
APITs DAY is the opening conference of the „creative Applied Interactive Technologies (cAPITs)¨ institute: companies can get information about the possibilities of using technologies from the games industry in non-entertainment contexts: AR in the industry 4.0, VR in retail, game engines for architecture etc. Cross cluster technology transfer: information, trial, networking!

Matchmaking Dinner, 25 April, invitation only
The Matchmaking Dinner from games:net berlinbrandenburg unites and promotes networking between the most important decision-makers from the games, information, communications and technology industries as well as politics and institutions.


German Computer Games Awards, 26 April, Westhafen
The German Computer Games Awards (Deutscher Computerspielpreis, DCP) will be presented at Berlin’s Westhafen on 26 April in a gala moderated by Barbara Schöneberger. With prize-money amounting to a total of 550,000 Euros, the DCP is the most important award for the German games industry. Outstanding German games productions are recognised in 14 categories.

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