Introducing the Vainglory Premier League

Vainglory eSports

2017 was an unforgettable year for Vainglory esports: New global partnerships forged, new champions crowned and new foundations laid for what’s already shaping up to be a massive step forward for 2018 competitive play.

Today, we’re excited to reveal what’s coming next:

Introducing the Vainglory Premier League! VPL will, for the first time ever, feature Vainglory 5V5 as Vainglory’s official competitive game mode. Here’s how it’ll work for players competing in North American and European regions:


Preseason has no competitive implications toward the official season; however, it will be a critical time for establishing team synergy and developing new strategies on Sovereign’s Rise. VPL’s Preseason will feature 8 teams.


In the 5-week Preseason:

  • All teams play in a single full round robin
  • 3 matches will be played per day
  • Each match is a Best of 1
  • Match wins are worth 1 point
  • Game days are Saturday and Sunday


  • Preseason begins on April 14
  • Preseason concludes on May 13

An official schedule with specific dates and teams is coming soon!


The first step toward becoming the best team in the world starts on June 2 when the VPL kicks off Split 1. VPL’s season will feature 8 teams.


  • Season 1 contains 2 Splits, each 8 weeks long:
  • Split 1 culminates with the midseason playoffs
  • Split 2 culminates with the end of season playoffs


The league presents two full round robins where teams compete in the following format:

  • All teams play each other once per Split
  • Each series is best of 2
  • Match wins are worth 1 point
  • All matches are streamed (no alternate stream this year!)
  • Game days are Saturday and Sunday


The top 4 teams (determined by point standings) will conclude each Split by playing in a single elimination online tournament. Format as follows:

  • Semifinals | 1st seed plays 4th seed, 2nd seed plays 3rd seed
  • Finals | Winners of the previous series
  • Each series is best of 3


  • Split 1 begins on June 2
  • Split 1 concludes on July 15
  • Midseason Playoffs begin on June 21
  • Split 2 begins on August 11
  • Split 2 concludes on September 23
  • End of Season Playoffs begin on September 29

Make sure to keep an eye out for the overall match schedule to be announced prior to Season 1 starting.


In 2018 we will say farewell to Unified Championships as each region will now compete in their own regional championship. The top 6 teams from within a region, determined by overall point standings accumulated from both Splits, will compete for the opportunity to play on the World’s stage later this year. Championship format as follows:

  • Traditional single elimination tournament bracket
  • All series are Best of 5
  • The top two teams at the end of the season have a bye on Day 1 and will proceed directly into the semifinals of the tournament


Day 1: Quarterfinals

Your bottom four seeds in the tournament face off against one another to claim a spot in the Semifinals on Day 2.

Day 2: Semifinals

Winners of Day 1 will seed themselves against the top two teams from the overall season standings. Victors here move on to the finals.

Day 3: Grand Finals

Winners of the Semifinals battle for the title of best team in their region.


Challenge Battles continue to provide a way for aspirational players and teams to have an opportunity to fight their way into the top tier of competitive play. In 2018, this is no different as the bottom 2 VPL teams must defend their seat against the top 2 Challenger teams. These Battles will determine who claims one of two positions in the VPL going into the 2019 season.


Teams will play in a double-elimination online tournament. Format as follows:

DAY 1: Placement series
  • Two best-of-3 placement series’
  • Winning on Day 1 will place teams in the first promotion series on Day 2. Losing on Day 1 will place teams in their first relegation series on Day 2
Day 2: promotion relagation series
  • One best-of-5 promotion series and one best-of-5 relegation series
  • The winner of the promotion series on Day 2 will be the first new (or returning) VPL team, while the loser moves on to the final Promotion Series on Day 3
  • The winner of the Relegation Series on Day 2 will move on to the Promotion Series on Day 3, while the loser will be our first team to not qualify into the VPL
Day 3: final Promotion Series

The winner of this Promotion Series will be the second and final team to enter the VPL for 2019. The losing team will move into the Challenger Series.


  • Europe | Battles begin on October 4 and finish on the 7
  • North America | Battles begin on October 11 and finish on the 14