Magic: The Gathering, $500,000 Mythic Championship IV tournament

Wizards of the Coast, the visionary creator behind Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, is pleased to launch Mythic Championship IV this evening, the latest in a series of competitive Magic: The Gathering events that run throughout the year.

This weekend, the best Magic: The Gathering players in the world will play against one another in at MagicFest Barcelona for the chance to win a grand prize of $50,000 at Mythic Championship IV, a tournament focused on matches played in the Modern format of Magic: The Gathering. Modern is a play format that features all cards going back to the Eight Edition of Magic: The Gathering, minus some cards that have been banned for balance. In this format, players are able to pull from a range of cards to build a wide variety of different decks, each with their own specific niches.

More details on Magic: The Gathering’s format distinctions can be found here.

This tournament takes place alongside MagicFest Barcelona, an event taking place all weekend where players can play Magic: The Gathering in many different formats, meet Magic: The Gathering artists, cosplayers and professional players, as well as take part in MagicFest Barcelona’s Grand Prix event.

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Day One of Mythic Championship IV, on Friday, will consist of three rounds of Booster Draft, and will be followed by 5 rounds of Modern play. After these eight rounds, players that have gained 12 or more match points can advance to play on Saturday, Day 2.In Day 2, players will once again play three rounds of Booster Draft followed by 5 rounds of Modern. After Saturday’s Swiss rounds, the Top 8 players will advance to Sunday’s single-elimination playoffs. On Day 3, players will play in Modern Constructed Format, in best of 3 matches. The first two games of these will be pre-sideboard games, with players able to exchange cards from their decks for Games 3, 4 and 5.

Discover more about Mythic Championship IV and its format here.

This event will also be broadcast in local languages due to Wizard of the Coasts’ co-streaming initiative which allows Magic experts from around the world to commentate on the matches being played.

Watch the Mythic Championship IV live here.

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