Melbourne Queer Games Festival, first festival next week

The festival is a volunteer-run effort that exists to shine a spotlight on the year’s lgbtiq games.
“We’ve been overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of submissions,” says one of the festival organizers, Luke Miller.

“We were hoping for twenty games and we received over fifty. The games range from coming-out and transitioning stories to full-blown scifi action. A lot of them are intensely weird. There’s plenty of romance too, from the starcrossed boys of StarCatchers to the mysterious older women in Love On The Peacock Express.”

“Trans games in particular are having a moment. Games such as That Boy is a Monstr and Saving You, From Yourself really present their subject matter in a universal and accessible way. People might be surprised.”

Further details:

Showcase of all games:
Shortlisted games:
Twitter thread about the games:

The stream will start Monday evening 6.30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT).
This is about Monday 7.30am UTC and Monday 2:30am in Winnipeg Canada time.

Our jury will be handing out four small awards during the evening:

  • Technical award: for a game that excels in technique and craft
  • Jury award: for a game that is fearless about the freedom, limitless and undefinable strangeness of queer
  • Silver and Gold awards: for two games which show overall excellence in game design

Finally, we’re pleased to announce our “Bring it Back” game is Anna Anthropy’s ‘LESBIAN SPIDER-QUEENS OF MARS’. It’s a retro arcade game made in 2011 and a classic of the queer gaming scene. Inspired by Wizard of Wor and originally featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, the game is a early example of lesbian, bondage and consent themes in games.


Schedule Monday evening:

Time Event

6.30pm Stream starts. Welcome to country.
6.35pm Game #1 – tbd
7.00pm Game #2 – tbd
7.30pm Game #3 – tbd
8.00pm Game #4 – tbd
8.30pm Game #5 – tbd
9.00pm Game #6 – tbd
9.30pm Game #7 – tbd
10.00pm Game #8 – tbd
10.30pm Game #9 – tbd
11.00pm Game #10 – tbd
11.30pm Close
Schedule Tuesday evening: Freeplay and botplay