Mythic Dungeon Invitational: Asia-Pacific Group Stage April 20–21

Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve chosen 32 teams who have pushed themselves to the limit and proven they are ready for their next challenge in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. Eight teams from China, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas will compete over the span of four weekends to see who will make it to the top 8 before moving on to the Global Finals.

Meet the Teams

* Indicates Team Captain

Method NA
Team Omegasniped
Big Dumb Gaming
Sinking Ship
Parse Culture
Dark Slashers
Stupid Mistakes
*Jdotb *Xyronic *Skullztwo *Maximum *Greg *Jason *Dylemma *Sense
Mitt Luffy Jeebus Jeath Bumbum Feraldog Glickz Leaxa
Marvin Hadrion Herus Trill Crenix Bigkent Edelweiss Naeno
Bandname Imfiredup Dbzy Lip Tettles Casawn Maleen Neeb
Dark Zongoso Treenuts Preheat Idled Snickle Overmorrow Piecez
Team Raider.IO
Team PogChamp
Kjell’s Angels
Team Sabotage
Games Revolted
*Gingi *Rentari *Jed *Drjay *Lophis *Ciralliou *Toofast *Kuriisu
Naowh Canex Adaqeu Elserat Meeres Divinefield Tactacboom Peem
Fragnance Tasnaran Asmonbald Sjele Malfax Ashine Ðolla Childintime
Frankster Nnoggah Hundemensch Sebs Nostvan Dorullkjell Kagu Dregan
Imbaanane Wolfdisco Lepan Muscle Xesevi Herudra Usedtobenico Eclecto
Free Marsy
Free Pumps
Team Substitute
Gulch Trotters
Pure Luck
Team Bts
*Xerase *Dean *Avanche *Bear *Tecniqz *Equi *Stillwell *Sulhwan
Aere Poom Elcius Ach Chompey Spider Seruus Manila
Brath Shivers Sups Coxy Crankinjr Lev Hobul Umaster
Ero Ruson Arzenal Potatopouch Dagg Fizxyz Settlement Jimmonk
Retrofresh Strikline Vivy Miraval Shape Troy Mini Oney
No Healer
*趴趴的波妞 *简丨蘩 *杰克 *守二財 *Bloo *玄学大师 *小飞侠乐迪 *Furymoonkin
最靓蘑菇头 赤彦 Tle 故园 萌萌的柚子 舔一舔哟 兰若词 Bigsoldier
放学酱丶 坠落彼岸 克己复礼丶 机长丷 Yd 血丶雨君 丶冻顶乌龙 花颜夕丶
毛毛狗 佐塔 夜墨丶 戰临 二少 大秦铁甲如云 点死你 Kyo
走在伤心街头 这个斩杀奈斯 星雅丶 Neightf Sayamaya 蛋妞丶吴彦祖 安潔 自然筱芸

So, What’s Next?

Each team will compete in Mythic Dungeons head-to-head in Mythic Keystone dungeons against teams from their own region during four regional stage events. Two teams will advance from each region during a double-elimination, best-of-three format tournament, trying to achieve the lowest time.

The competitors will need to balance speed, skill, and strategy to claim their victory over their opponents. They’ll also need to exercise plenty of caution, as each character death will add 5 seconds to their time. Blizzard will determine the Keystone levels and affixes for the first match, but the losing team will have the opportunity to get the upper hand by selecting the next map and its crucial third affix. All competition will take place on special tournament realms, so all players will be competing on an even playing field.

Check out the list of Keystone Affixes that we’ll be putting into play during the competition:

Starting Maps and Affixes

Round 1
Round 2
Maw of Souls
Upper Karazhan
Black Rook Hold
Lower Karazhan
Halls of Valor
Cathedral of Eternal Night
Darkheart Thicket
Seat of the Triumvirate
Fortified Tyrannical Tyrannical Fortified Tyrannical Fortified Tyrannical Fortified
Quaking Raging Grievous Volcanic Explosive Sanguine Explosive Quaking
Bursting Explosive Bursting Necrotic Volcanic Grievous Sanguine Explosive

Counter-Pick Map Pools

Round 1: Mythic +22
Darkheart Thicket
Maw of Souls
Court of Stars
Neltharion’s Lair
Vault of the Wardens
Eye of Azshara
Upper Karazhan
Tyrannical Fortified Tyrannical Fortified Fortified Fortified Tyrannical
Explosive Quaking Teeming Grievous Volcanic Bolstering Raging
Round 2 and Semifinals: Mythic +23
Halls of Valor
The Arcway
Black Rook Hold
Lower Karazhan
Cathedral of Eternal Night
Seat of the Triumvirate
Tyrannical Tyrannical Tyrannical Fortified Fortified Fortified
Explosive Raging Grievous Volcanic Sanguine Quaking
Finals: Mythic +24
Seat of the Triumvirate
Cathedral of Eternal Night
Lower Karazhan
Upper Kharazhan
Court of Stars
Vault of the Wardens
Darkheart Thicket
Fortified Fortified Fortified Tyrannical Tyrannical Fortified Tyrannical
Quaking Sanguine Volcanic Raging Teeming Volcanic Explosive
Pool of Third Affixes: Bursting, Necrotic, Volcanic, Explosive, Quaking, Grievous, Sanguine

Event Schedule

The competition all begins this Friday, April 13 on Twitch where the top teams in China make their bid to make it to the global top 8.

Here’s the full schedule of events:

Weekend 1: China Group Stage 
Friday, April 13 at 8:00 p.m. PDT Saturday, April 14 at 8:00 p.m. PDT
Weekend 2: Asia-Pacific Group Stage
Friday, April 20 at 8:00 p.m. PDT Saturday, April 21 at 8:00 p.m. PDT
Weekend 3: Europe Group Stage 
Saturday, April 28 at 5:00 a.m. PDT Sunday, April 29 at 5:00 a.m. PDT
Weekend 4: Americas Group Stage 
Saturday, May 5 at 10:00 a.m. PDT Sunday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

Where to Watch the Asia-Pacific Regional Group Stage

You can catch all the action in English on the official Warcraft Twitch channel Hosts Adrian “Healingstat” Archer-Lock, Daniel “AutomaticJak” Anzenberger, Caroline “Naguura” Forer, James “Kaelaris” Carrol, and Ted “Sloot” Bacinschi will be on hand to provide commentary and expertise on all the action.

Additional Language Streams:

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