Overwatch, ‘Bastion’s Brick Challenge’

Explore the world with the inquisitive robot unit in the new Overwatch limited-time event, Bastion’s Brick Challenge!

From September 17 through 30, players will be able to obtain 5 sprays, 6 player icons, and the legendary Brick Bastion skin for a total of 12 new rewards.


Your wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will earn you a new player icon, new sprays, and a new epic skin: Brick Bastion!

  • Win 3 Games | 2 Player Icons
  • Win 6 Games | + 2 New Sprays
  • Win 9 Games | + New legendary skin: Brick Bastion


Want more? You can watch Twitch streamers before, during or after matches to unlock even more Bastion cosmetics – we’re bringing you more Twitch Drops every time you tune in to participating broadcasters through September 30 to earn three Bastion Brick Challenge sprays and four player icons!

  • Watch 2 Hours | 1 New Spray
  • Watch 4 Hours | + 2 New Player Icons
  • Watch 6 Hours | + 2 New Sprays and 2 New Player Icons

For more information visit Overwatch.