Paladins Joins Up With EACL

The EACL is a first-of-its-kind amateur eSports league designed expressly to benefit amateur gamers as they begin their journey into the world of eSports.  EACL will kick off its 1v1 Duel gaming roster with the eSports title, Paladins, published by Hi-Rez Studios, with tournaments rolling out this fall. Hi-Rez Studios is a premiere video game publisher based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Through this relationship, EACL gains access to the 10’s of millions of gamers who play Hi-Rez Studios popular titles.  In tune with EACL’s philosophy, Hi-Rez Studios seeks to build a firm foundation for its amateur gaming base where their players can start competing 1v1, develop, grow, and graduate onto the pro level.

Hi-Rez Studios recognizes EACL’s commitment to the development of the amateur gamer.  EACL’s tournaments/prizes are structured so that gamers compete in 1v1 Duels with others at their skill level, making the odds of them winning far greater than that of any other league, all the while tracking their performance progress with a ranking system.  This acts as a career launch pad to gamers seeking to become pro players, with the league’s full backing of hefty prize pool earnings, sponsorships, scholarships, and other support mechanisms that no other amateur league provides.  In addition, EACL offers the biggest pay-to-play reward ratio in the amateur eSports industry, greatly rewarding amateur gamers who put in the time and effort to hone their skills.

EACL also has an exclusive relationship with the UFL, United Fundraising League, a licensed and bonded commercial fundraiser. Through its tournaments, EACL has the mission and ability to help support up to 50,000 NPOs (nonprofit organizations) like Mt. San Antonio College, Patriotic Hearts and Human Relief Organization, with an innovative approach to their fundraising efforts.

Mt. San Antonio College is blazing the trail in community college participation on the EACL’s socially conscious gaming platform. Mt. San Antonio College is one of the largest of California’s 114 community colleges, whose athletic organizations/clubs will be amongst the inaugural nonprofits benefiting from the EACL’s exciting fundraising platform, alongside many other community colleges, promoting the EACL platform to their bases of support.

Focusing on the benefit to gamers and NPOs, EACL creates an attractive platform for video game publishers and developers, such as Hi-Rez Studios, to associate with. EACL tournaments for Paladins provide the largest prize pots in amateur eSports; $50,000 in total prize pots (for up to fifty, $1000 tournaments per game title) in both November and December.  In addition, there will be a chance to win a 2018 Audi A5 at the end of December.

Prior to launch, EACL will have a soft-launch for a period of 2 – 3 weeks to ensure logistics accuracy, good new user on-boarding, and tournament functionality.

EACL will launch the program and tournaments starting November 1, 2017.
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