PES League Season 2 National Finals

PES LEAGUE National Finals will start on the 25th of February 2019. These National Finals will see players from each region compete for a place in the Season 2 European, Americas or Asian Regional Finals.

National Final matches will take place in PES LEAGUE mode, implementing balanced stats and neutral form.

As with Season 1, Italian players will compete in the Rest of World category and Brazilian players will participate in the Rest of Americas category, due to legal regulations.

The top sixteen players from each nation will progress to their respective National Finals event. The top players from each of these events will then earn a spot in their Regional Finals (speak to your local PES League admin for further information on offline events).

The 1v1 National Final dates and times are listed below:

Monday 25th February Local Time GMT
Japan 18:00 9:00
Southeast Asia 10:00
Tuesday 26th February Local Time GMT
France 17:00 18:00
Portugal 18:00 18:00
Wednesday 27th February Local Time GMT
Netherlands 17:00 18:00
Thursday 28th February Local Time GMT
Argentina 21:00 18:00
Chile 21:00 18:00
Friday 1st March Local Time GMT
Colombia 18:00 23:00
Mexico 18:00 0:00
Saturday 2nd March Local Time GMT
Peru 9:00 14:00
USA 9:00 14:00
Sunday 3rd March Local Time GMT
Hong Kong 16:00 8:00
Rest of Americas 1 14:00
Rest of Americas 2 14:00
Monday 4th March Local Time GMT
Republic of Korea 18:00 9:00
Rest of World 1 18:00
Rest of World 2 18:00
Tuesday 5th March Local Time GMT
Rest of World Play-off 18:00
Spain 17:00 18:00
United Kingdom 18:00 18:00
Wednesday 6th March Local Time GMT
Xbox Europe 18:00
Xbox America 22:00
Thursday 7th March Local Time GMT
Xbox Asia 10:00
PC Europe 18:00
Friday 8th March Local Time GMT
PC Asia 10:00
PC America 22:00

The PES League Season 2 National Finals will determine the players competing in the Regional Finals, and ultimately the World Finals. Keep track of the tournament and all the latest news by following PES League on Twitter HERE.