Qualify to CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 through the Go4Crossfire series

Smilegate has great news for all Crossfire Europe fans! The Go4Crossfire January cup series held together with ESL will be the Qualifier to CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018, taking place on March 3rd in Katowice, Poland.

Two European teams will have the opportunity to represent Europe during the most anticipated eSport event this year. In order to qualify for CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 each team needs to either:

A) Qualify to Go4Crossfire Europe January 2018 Finals through ESL weekly Go4 cups and win the monthly final, which will happen on 7th of February


B) Accumulate the most amount of Go4 points through our weekly Go4Crossfire cups on January 21st and 28th.*

To take part in the Go4Crossfire Cup, teams can register here.

  • If the team that has the most amount of Go4 points also wins the January monthly final, the second best team will be selected based on the accumulated points for the month.


Go4 CROSSFIRE January – Prize Distribution
Place Prize
1. – Slot for CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 and an all-inclusive trip to Katowice, Poland
– 350 EUR
– Ak-47-knife ultimate silver – perm
– Desert Eagle-Snake – perm
2. – 150 EUR
– Ak-47-Silver 30days
– Desert Eagle-Snake – perm
3. – Ak-47-Silver 30 days
– Desert Eagle silver 30 days
4. – Desert Eagle silver 30 days


Detailed Go4 Points and Prize Distribution
Place Go4Points Prize
1. 100 – 275 EUR
– 20.000 RP
– Desert Eagle-S-Imperial Dragon 30days
– Field Shovel-Ultimate Gold 30days
– AK-47-Scope-Red Dragon 30days
– Fox Howl-G 30days
2. 60 – 125 EUR
– M4A1 Custom-Autumn Camo 30 days
– BC Axe-Autumn Camo 30 days
– Autumn Camo Grenade 30 days
– S&W M66-Legendary Dragon 30 days
3. 40 – Field Shovel-Ultimate Gold 14 days
– Ak-47 Knife Ultimate Gold 14 days
– D-E-Royal Dragon 14 days
– Doll grenade 30 days
4. 25 – Field Shovel-Ultimate Gold 14 days
– Ak-47 Knife Ultimate Gold 14 days

More information for the CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 will be announced at a later stage.

About Crossfire
CROSSFIRE is a high quality Free-to-Play shooter with massive content and low system requirements. It is one of the most played FPS games worldwide, with over 8 million players.
CROSSFIRE offers excellent fast-paced quality gameplay that players can enjoy casually with various fun game modes or at a competition level thanks to ranked matches and many eSports events.
CROSSFIRE holds the title of most popular online game in multiple regions and was recently featured in Forbes Magazine as the “Top Earning Free-to-Play Game” in 2013.
CROSSFIRE has proven to the world that it is no longer just a game but a global phenomenon.
1. Immersive Combat
Fast-paced gameplay invites players to lose themselves in hectic, high-octane battlegrounds.
2. Diverse Weaponry
Fully tested and approved by many famous FPS clans around the world, the diverse arsenal of weapons currently numbers over 400.
3. Characters (feat. Spec Ops units)
CROSSFIRE features Spec Ops units that exist in real life but also includes unique Spec Ops forces that exist only within the game’s lore.
4. Various Modes and Maps
In addition to classic modes like Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy (Bomb defuse), and Free-For-All, players can also try the numerous original PvP and PvE modes like Hero, Predator, or Biohazard.
5. Achievements and Milestones
For the engagement and motivation of its players, CROSSFIRE offers achievements and displays various stats including First Kill, Last Kill, Revenge, Ace, MVP, etc.