Red Bull Gaming Sphere to host Dota 2 activities

The new Red Bull Gaming Sphere (Gaming Sphere London) has gone Dota 2 mad this month, with a plethora of activity taking place ahead of the UK’s Dota 2 Major taking place in Birmingham in May 2018.

Purge coaching

First up, Red Bull is bringing over top caster/analyst Kevin “Purge” Godec from the US to run a series of workshops.

He will be at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere from April 13th to 18th to host coaching sessions for Dota teams and the public, helping them to learn about the game and improve their skills.

Teams will be able to have bespoke sessions tailored to their needs. Purge will be on hand to analyse their replays in detail and will offer live coaching and feedback as they play against each other. Members of the public are also welcome to attend and ask Purge questions. There are two sessions per day on April 13th, 16th, 17th and 18th. Places are limited so fill out the form on this page to register now.

Play against Red Bull OG

Red Bull’s own Dota 2 team, Red Bull OG, will be in London on April 20th for a meet-and-greet and 1v1 matches with fans.

The first three people to beat them will win tickets to ESL One, which takes place in Birmingham from May 23rd to 25, 2018.

There’s more details here.LAN Ladder tournament

Thirdly, Red Bull is running a 5v5 tournament in conjunction with ESL, featuring random teams consisting of pro players, influencers and members of the public.

There will be new random teams selected for each round.

There are 60 spaces available if you want to take part, or you can come along to watch. Again, if a team wins, they will receive VIP tickets to the sold out ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 major.

Check out more info here.