Rocket League’s Party System

Some info regarding the upcoming of Rocket League’s Party System. Other future features will come with the system, and a demo for the game on Switch is going to release, but only in one store at a specific city.

The Party System will start tests for the PC version first, but it promises to streamline party-making across platforms. Players can make a party from Rocket League without having to go through Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live services.

Testing Phase

Once testing begins, no downloads are required since the changes will be on PsyNet instead of the game. The developers promise that if anything goes wrong, Rocket League will automatically roll back to the default setting. PS4 and Xbox One players can relax since the testing won’t affect their game and they’ll still be able to play with gamers on Steam. Remember that this testing phase ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of this new feature. It may cause some unintended effects, so bear with them because the intent is to smooth out the rough edges.

Testing Date

Although there’s no official date at the moment, Psyonix promises that it won’t disrupt regular play. The game will sync with the player’s friends List on Steam, and it will enable them to create a party from Rocket League. The first phase is about a day or so. Later tests are longer and follow the first phase of testing throughout the autumn season. Check the official channels for more details about when testing will start.

Other Releases

The developers are also planning for a Tournament System that will let players join a tournament without leaving the game client. They’re even going to test it on PC first since Steam allows them to gather feedback quicker. Beta testing for this system is projected to start by the end of 2017, with an official release for other platforms afterward.
There’s a plan for a new Events System, which will introduce events available for a limited time. These events will reward a player with the chance to obtain more car customizations and a “Decryptor.” The latter lets players open any unopened Rocket League Crates in their inventory without a key. There are no exact dates for the release, but expect them to come out after the autumn season. More details are to come, so stay tuned.