Rules of Survival – first world championship with a total prize pool of over $650,000

Rules of Survival, a battle royale game on mobile developed by NetEase Games, has immediately gone viral since its official debut on 14th November. This PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-like mobile game has ranked top on App Store in more than 22 countries such as America, France and Germany. It has also rocketed to the top of game ranking in Google Play Store, expanding its popularity on a global scale.

In response to its fans’ enthusiastic calls worldwide, Rules of Survival will embark on its first e-Sport journey named RoS World Championship on 20th December. It is dedicated to build up a world-class arena where topnotch survivors are born.

Three game servers divide this grand championship into three regions, Europe, Asia,and America. The total prize pool for each server is 60,000 USD, in which the champion will be awarded 30,000 USD. Meanwhile, teams that register successfully can get a variety of unique rewards including exclusive garment only available in RoS World Championship.

RoS World Championship will reach out to more than 60 countries and regions, and a special uniform will be customized for the top country in the points rank. Winning teams from each server will be invited to China to participate in the offline grand final, competing with other nine Chinese teams to battle for ultimate glory and a share in the prize pool of 476,000 USD. It is also noticeable that the champion prize will skyrocket to 150,000 USD at that stage.

To participate in RoS World Championship, players must reach Silver III or above, and form a team of four. Team leaders should register and take the team to compete in the specified server based on his/her nationality. After the qualifier and the group stage are finished, the final in each server will feature 14 teams competing with 1 new-coming influencer team for tickets in the offline grand final.

In addition, RoS World Championship will set compelling quiz events to retain the fun and vitality that a global tournament should embrace. No matter to players or to audiences, this unprecedented championship that assemble multiple countries can definitely ignite the Christmas spark for you.
The registration period for RoS World Championship will officially unfold on 20th December and end on 27th December, during which all the players can register either from the posted link in RoS Facebook or the registration page inside the game. Now team up and gear up for the greatest show on Earth. Outplay your foes to be the primer survivors !