Samsung Odyssey League 2021, Last call for teams to sign up

The Samsung Odyssey League 2021, a Rocket League tournament with a €25,000 prize pool in Europe.

Registrations begin closing on July 23 (full list of regional registration deadlines here) so make sure you register on the Odyssey League website before your deadline.

The tournament spans five weeks of intense competition. After signing up you will be assigned to a qualifier in your sub-region. You can find out when your qualifier starts on the competitions page of the Odyssey League website.

If you and your team make it through the open qualifiers, you will be invited for the regional finals — which will take place from August 7 to the 15. Winning the regional finals qualifies you for the final’s weekend which will run from August 27 to August 29.

The finals weekend is where the competition falls under the gaze of a global esports audience. The finals will be virtually hosted in the United Kingdom and will be broadcast ‘live’ to the world to see. Want to show the world that you’re one of the best Rocket League players out there? This is your chance.

Along with the €25,000 prize pool, there are many competitions for great Samsung products that can be won throughout the tournament; including high-end Odyssey gaming monitors.

If you want to find out more about the Samsung Odyssey League, follow us on Twitter and join the official Odyssey League Discord Server. Single player registrations are available during the closing hours of the registration process, please check social media for more details.