SPL and SML Broadcast Schedule for Week 6


Hey SMITE fans! If you need the schedule for this week’s esports matches, you’re in the right place. Here’s a quick look at what matches are happening this week and when you can tune in to watch!

 Tuesday, April 24 (SPL EU)
  • 1:00pm ET — Team Rival vs. NRG Esports
  • 2:45pm ET — SK Gaming vs. mousesports
Wednesday, April 25 (SPL NA)
  • 5:00pm ET — eUnited vs. Luminosity
  • 6:45pm ET — Splyce vs. CLG
Thursday, April 26 (SPL EU)
  • 1:00pm ET — Team Dignitas vs. mousesports
  • 2:45pm ET — Team Rival vs. Obey Alliance
  • 4:30pm ET — Obey Alliance vs. Team Dignitas
Friday, April 27 (SPL NA)
  • 5:00pm ET — Trifecta vs. CLG
  • 6:45 pm ET — eUnited vs. Spacestation
  • 8:30pm ET — Spacestation vs. Trifecta
Saturday, April 28 (SML EU)
  • 1:00pm ET — Victorious Secret vs. Burrito
  • 2:45pm ET — The Papis vs. Insignem
  • 4:30pm ET — Optimus Gang vs. Infinity Warriors
  • 6:15pm ET — Victorious Secret vs. Insignem
  • 8:00pm ET — The Papis vs. Optimus Gang
Sunday, April 29 (SML NA)
  • 1:00pm ET — Team CryptiK vs. Team Voltic
  • 2:45pm ET — Spacestation Gold vs. Very Nice to Me
  • 4:30pm ET — Wowy and the Ehs vs. Anxiety Onset
  • 6:15pm ET — Team CryptiK vs. Very Nice to Me
  • 8:00pm ET — Spacestation Gold vs. Wowy and the Ehs

You can catch all these matches on our official Mixer channel! And stay tuned to @SmitePro for by-the-minute updates on upcoming matches, game results, and more!