StarCraft II tournament – Nation Wars V

Blizzard Entertainment

Nation Wars is a fan-favorite StarCraft II tournament in which countries from all over the world pit their best players against one another in a unique format. Starting February 15, any Grandmaster-level player can register to participate in the event. On February 27, registration closes and the community will be able to vote on which three players will represent their country. On March 11, voting closes and each country’s representatives will be locked in.

The tournament begins with the Round of 32 on March 21 and will be broadcast on the Nation Wars website as well as Twitch. Each match will be in the best-of-seven all-kill format between two competing nations, meaning that, to win the match, a team must eliminate all three players on the opposing team. There is one revival allowed per match, which will allow a previously defeated player to return and play one more game. The schedule for the matches is as follows:

Round of 32: March 21–March 24

Round of 16 Opening and Lower Bracket Matches: March 27–April 1

Round of 16 Upper Bracket and Decider Matches: April 3–April 6

Round of 8: April 7–April 8

Round of 4 and Finals: April 21

Be sure to vote for your favorite player in the coming weeks, and watch as the nations of the world collide to compete for their share of the War Chest–funded $50,000 USD prize pool in this thrilling display of professional StarCraft II.

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