Summoners War shows it’s potential to be a global mobile e-sports hit via U.S. Tournament!

– Summoners War held an offline tournament at the Mobile Masters Invitational 2017 collaborated with Amazon on the 24th June.
– It was the first large-scale tournament to be held in the United States for Summoners War and the game introduced a new way of tournament, getting a positive feedback from the participants.
– The live broadcasts of the tournament on Twitch recorded up to 35,000 views, and the rebroadcast recorded over 17,000 views, having thousands of visitors who enjoyed the exciting tournament.

Mobile game company, Com2uS (CEO Byeongjun Song, has announced that an offline e-sports tournament collaborated with Amazon for global mobile RPG, Summoners War, was held for the first time at “M2: The Mobile Masters Invitational 2017” in New Jersey, United States, getting positive response from users on the 24th.

The tournament was the first large-scale e-sport tournament to be held in the United States, with a total of eight players competing for a prize money of $25,000. The tournament continued for over 6 hours and a local top-ranked player named, Fwa and KoopaTroopa787 entered the final and Fwa became the final winner of the tournament by claiming 3 wins first.

The tournament was held as a double elimination tournament where defeated players can get a chance to compete in the tournament once again. Among the defeated players, the player who completed playing in the dungeons for the shortest amount of time was given a chance to compete in the tournament again, and the cheers and resilience came out of thousands of visitors who filled the stadium.

Such atmosphere was also delivered live via a game broadcasting platform, Twitch. The broadcast of the tournament reached up to 35,000 total views while the tournament was being held, which is equivalent to Top 5 of all of the broadcasts on Twitch of that day. Moreover, the rebroadcast of the tournament has recorded more than 17,000 views (As of Jun. 27th KST), proving the popularity of Summoners War E-sports Tournament.

Com2uS said, “This year’s US tournament with Amazon, a global IT company, has further strengthened the status of Summoners War as a global mobile e-sports game.” and said, ” We will continue to try our best to develop Summoners War to be the global mobile game that leads the world of mobile e-sports.”

Meanwhile, Com2uS continues to hold offline tournaments in Asia, including South Korea, the western/eastern regions of the United States, Indonesia, and Taiwan, expanding its base to be the leading mobile e-sports game. In addition to the large and small regional tournaments, Com2uS plans to hold a world competition in the second half of the year to showcase true global mobile e-sports that everyone can enjoy.