GameOn Conference 2017, Back in Vilnius for another year in September

Hundreds of people standing in the pouring rain at 9 a.m. in the morning. Not quite the usual sight in Vilnius. They were all waiting for the Biggest gaming culture convention in the region to open its doors.

14.000 visitors in “GameOn” were attracted by vast expo spaces, huge eSports competitions, cosplay contests, two conferences for those, who seek wisdom and bustling expo space full of various gadgets and the newest games last year. Everything will come back once more on 16th – 17th of September to Vilnius in a shape of “GameOn III”. Still not convinced? How about a live video game music concert, not yet seen in the region?

“Last year’s success, visitors interest and waiting lines at the entrance have shown us, that it is possible to make it even better than before. This year we are destined to become a real gaming convention – a place where you could meet not only the keen core gamers but the people who don’t even play and just came in to have a look around. We hope that everyone who will come to the event discovers something he fancies and remembers for, at least, the rest of the year.”, said head of the team “GameOn” Ridas Busmanas.

Gigantic expo zone and partnership with Nordic Game

After the venue reconstruction, the expo zone at “GameOn” will reach up to 12.000 sq. m. and will fit some of the greatest gaming related gadgets that surfaced the news, upcoming and freshly baked video games, and for those who desire to rest their eyes from the screens – various engaging activities to partake in.

Good news for independent game studio lovers, “GameOn” have also recently announced a partnership with the Nordic Game and will organise Nordic Game Discovery contest. That means, even more studios will fill the always lively and jolly indie village at the event.

“It is a great privilege and honour for GameOn to partner with Nordic Game Discovery Contest, but more importantly it’s a fantastic opportunity for companies from the Baltic States to get their game projects discovered “— says Arthur Rumiancevas, head of the “GameOn” event. “Our region is emerging and rich with young and creative talent, that is yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. We can’t wait to become a part of this Discovery Contest “.

In 2016 “GameOn” cooperaded with more than 100 different companies that came to showcase their virtual and real goods. Lithuanian armed forces showed what it feels like to be in a cover based shooter with full tactical gear, universities, hobby shops have flooded the family zone and more than 50 youtubers and internet celebrities have joined our meet&greet session on the main conference stage. That makes the event unique in the way, that no other nearby event is – “GameOn III” focuses on a much broader meaning of Gaming, that can be accessed by anyone.

The most significant eSports competition of the year

Last year eSports competitions attracted almost 300 teams from 38 countries into its most popular tournaments and left our fans lusting for more action, so the competition will take place in Vilnius again.

This year “GameOn Cup” will continue its tradition to retain the name of the most distinguished eSports competition in the Baltic states. With the CS:GO and League of Legends online qualifiers starting at the end of July organisers are hoping to collect the biggest prize pool for this competition so far.

In addition, visitors will also be able to participate in many different smaller tournaments at the venue, ranging from the classic fighting games to the newest sports games. There will always be a way to challenge your friends one way or another.

And much more!

The ones who are hungry for something to remember we can offer “GameOn Live” – video game music concert performed by the orchestra to our biggest fans. Also, don’t miss out on our colourful cosplay show, two different conference tracks, one being dedicated to game developers and the other, much broader one, focusing on all the topics related to games. From the educational purposes of games to the psychological aspects of video games – you will definitely learn something new out there.

“GameOn III” will take place on 16th – 17th of September 2017 at Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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