Summoners War World Arena Championship 2018- million plus viewers

The second annual SWC began this past July, starting with the Asia-Pacific Cup, Americas Cup, and Europe Cup, for a total of three different regional championships. Last month, the whole three-month-long tournament came to a thrilling conclusion at the SWC Finals.

According to the provided infographic, players from over 70 different countries registered for SWC 2018, and roughly 26,000 participants in each region battled it out for a shot at becoming the world champion.
The live stream of the finals gained 53% more viewers than last year, reaching a maximum of roughly 130,000 people tuned in. This year’s broadcast supported additional languages such as Spanish and Portuguese for a total of 13 different languages. The video of the finals was uploaded to YouTube and has already reached over 1 million views.

A total of 81 intense matches took place at SWC 2018 with up to 972 different Monsters used. Of those 972 Monsters, 162 Monsters were banned using the new Monster “Pre-Ban” rule. The Pre-Ban rule was incorporated into SWC 2018 during the finals and allows players to ban a Monster from use on the other team before the match begins, adding a whole new element of strategy to the game.

The Monster, Wind Fairy King, whose abilities allow him to lower the enemy’s attack gauge and let allies use their abilities immediately without any cooldown, appeared in a total of 74 matches for a whopping 90% appearance rate. Dark Dragon Knight was a Monster to be feared, as it was banned a total of 37 times.

This SWC 2018 infographic is supported in multiple languages and can be found on Summoners War’s online community. For more information on Summoners War, please visit the official Summoners War Facebook page (