Summoners War World Arena Championship 2018, Predict the Winner contest

Com2uS (CEO James Song) will be holding a “Predict the Winner” contest celebrating the upcoming 2018 Summoners War World Arena Championship World Finals (SWC 2018) on October 13th in Seoul. To add more engagement to the viewing experience, players will be able to predict which contestants are skilled enough to make it to the top, increasing the stakes for both competitors and spectators. To top it all off, those who participate will receive a variety of in-game rewards starting from October 3rd until October 12th.

With detailed highlight reels of the eight finalists from the Asia-Pacific Cup, Americas Cup, and Europe Cup available for viewing, players will be able to predict which four of them will make it to the semifinals, which two will make it to the finals, and which single contestant will win it all. Regardless of the outcomes, all participants will receive items such as Mana Stones, Mystical Scrolls, and Crystals.

Additionally, Com2uS will be creating a custom in-game league called SWC 2018 Battle, with the goal of providing the everyday user a chance to experience the thrill of eSports. Players will be able to try out the new Pre-ban rule that was implemented during the Regional Cups, offering more options for strategic gameplay.

With the Regionals now wrapped up with the conclusion of the Europe Cup last month the 8 regional finalists look to battle against one another at the OGN e-Stadium in Seoul for a chance to be crowned the 2018 Summoners War World Champion.

For more information about SWC 2018, please visit the official Summoners War (