Third GameOn CS:GO tournament is about to begin !

July 29th will mark the start of the biggest Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament in the Baltics “GameOn”. In the upcoming months, we will find out which 4 teams will earn the right to show off their skill in the grand finals during “GameOn III” this September and will have a chance to split 3500 euros in cash.

8 invited teams
This year CS:GO tournament format is a bit different. During previous tournaments, all the teams were participating in the online qualifiers, however this year organizers decided to send out 8 invites straight to TOP16.
Three Baltic countries also got their invite slots. Lithuania will be represented by “Gameplay DNA”, Latvians will be able to cheer for “Shavveji” while “Dickhouse” will fight for Estonia’s honor. Blatic teams will be accompanied by Novergian champions “Zoctai”, Czech Republic representatives “eSuba”, UK based team “Cex”, international mix “Prophecy” and defending champions with a different name from Denmark “QuietPlease”.

8 team from qualifiers
Invited teams will be challenged by another 8 teams from the online qualifiers. According to organizers, a wish to participate in the tournament was expressed by more than 140 teams from 20 different countries.

As usual most of the teams were Lithuanian squads – 79 in total. Latvians and Estonians gathered 15 teams each. Baltic squads will be challenged by teams from United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Albania, Ireland, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Norway, Macedonia and Switzerland. There is also a few international teams.

First qualifier will kick off this Saturday and will provide a list of 4 teams joining the invited 8. Second qualifier will be held on Sunday and will complete TOP 16 table.

Tournament will be streamed online with English cast on GameOn Twitch channel.
Stream kicks off July 29th at 15:00PM (UTC+03:00).


Watch live video from GameOnEU on