The Sigma Theory, Will be playable at gamescom 2017

Gamescom attendees will be the first to play Sigma Theory, the next major release from Mi-Clos Studio following 2015’s multi-award-winning best-selling indie hit Out There.

If you’re at Gamescom this year, you can be among the very first look at this exciting, genre-bending strategy game. Mi-Clos Studio team members including co-founder Michael Peiffert will be on hand to walk visitors through the playable alpha of Sigma Theory. Journalists, broadcasters, and other media are encouraged to make an appointment by contacting Fernando Rizo at .

Sigma Theory is a single-player near-future espionage strategy game that takes place during a new cold war. You will play as the head of your nation’s Sigma Division, racing other countries in a Manhattan Project-style competition to exploit a radical new scientific breakthrough.

  • Recruit a team from a roster of 50 unique spies and field agents and lead them as they infiltrate the enemy’s Sigma programs, abducting, blackmailing, and seducing scientists to your side.
  • Carefully manage your relationships with your superiors, other countries, powerful private lobbies, and even your own agents as you do whatever it takes to secure the future for your people.
  • There are 10 distinct playable nations, dozens of unique events and narrative paths, and several different endings based on the player’s decisions – all crafted with Mi-Clos Studio’s signature eye for polish, detail, and aesthetic excellence.
  • With the emergent narrative from Sigma Theory’s complex web of character relationships, no two games will ever be alike.

Developed by Mi-Clos Studio, Sigma Theory is a single-player near-future espionage strategy game that’s coming to PC, Mac, and mobile devices in 2018. Sigma Theory’s story is written by renowned French writer FibreTigre (the writer and co-designer of Out There) and the game’s soundtrack is composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn (Antichamber, The Stanley Parable).