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LAN and Director Mode

After last week’s huge information dump on the Autumn Update, Psyonix was more low-key with their news this week, as they detailed the new [LAN and Director Mode features]( In the new LAN mode, PCs on a local network will be able to browse and play matches on a server running locally. This will eliminate the need for organized LANs to connect to the Internet to play matches. Director Mode is a new spectating option powered by artificial intelligence to provide the best camera angles and entertainment when watching a match of Rocket League.

Esports News

RLCS Season 4 Europe: Week 3

After absolutely killing the first 3 weeks of the season with a 4-0 record, both Method and PSG qualified for the playoffs and will appearing in RLCS again next season. Reigning World Champions EnVy took another huge blow in week 3. They were defeated by exceL (0-3) and Mockit Esports (1-3), are 7th in the league, and are on track for missing the playoffs. Suffering the same fate, Flipsid3 also went 0-2 this weekend, losing to Mockit Esports (1-3) and PSG eSports (1-3). exceL and Mockit Esports both had great weekends, taking home 2 wins and placing themselves #3 and #4 respectively in the league.

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Top Plays from Week 2

RLCS Season 4 North America: Week 3

After burning through the first two and a half weeks of league play with a 4-0 record, Cloud9 finally started to show cracks in their impenetrable shell when they were defeated by G2 (3-1). In proper G2 style, they again proved how inconsistent they can be. They defeated the #1 team in the region, Cloud9, but lost to FlyQuest, a team that struggled through the first 2 weeks. G2 has the ability to beat anyone they choose, but they also have the ability to beat themselves. After going 0-2 through the first 2 weeks of the season, FlyQuest had a tremendous weekend, improving their record to 2-2 after wins over G2 and Renegades. Ghost were not able to field their full starting roster for most of this weekend because Lethamyr had network issues. However, he dramatically returned in Game 5 of their series against Allegiance and helped close out a series win.

Results and Standings

Player Stats

Top Plays from Week 2

Power Rankings: 9/1-9/17

RLCS Season 4 Oceania: Week 2



Power Rankings: 11/09 – 17/09

RLRS Season 4: Week 3

RLRS began this week with a disappointing announcement, Naventic has been disqualified for using an unregistered substitute and an underage player.

In Europe, The Leftovers and The Juicy Kids, the #1 and #2 teams in the region, had bye weeks, leaving the top of the standings intact. Inspiration, Endpoint, and Most Wanted picked up wins this week, putting them all at the 50% win percentage mark. Inspiration and Endpoint both have 5 matches left to play, making their final placement much more volatile to predict. Supersonic Avengers took their first win of the season, sweeping exRay 3-0. Golden Hawks sit at the bottom of the table at 0-3 after suffering a loss to Most Wanted this weekend.

In North America, Fibeon still sit atop the table undefeated after their bye week. Hollywood Hammers is slowly gaining on Fibeon. They swept Ambition this weekend and are 3-0 in the league. Out of Style spent their time playing catch up by defeating Ambition and Kinematics and improving their record to 3-1. Ambition took 2 losses this weekend, pushing them to 6th place in the standings.

Results and Standings

NA Power Rankings: 9/1-9/17

Collegiate Rocket League

Collegiate Rocket League is organized by TESPA in partnership with Psyonix. Teams from universities around North America have spent the past 2 weekends qualifying for league play in their regions. Phat has been doing a tremendous job at covering CRL. Check out his articles for more information on CRL!

CRL Qualifier #1

CRL Qualifier #2

Roster News

Hollywood Hammers acquires Radiance

Naventic drops their roster

PSG eSports signs Frontline

Around the Community

Minor League Doubles Season 5 Playoffs

This weekend, MLD host the Conference Semifinal leg of their playoffs. In the Blue Conference, the Ducks and Foxes moved on to the Conference Championship. In the Orange Conference, the Flames and Rhinos advanced to the Conference Championship. Tune into [MLD this weekend to see who qualifies for the Season 5 Championship!

RLCS / RLRS Playoff Predictor

Nathan Allen released a neat website that allows you to enter match results and see the finalized league play standings for RLCS and RLRS. Predict away!

Local Events (LANs)

Comrade Gaming at Horizon E-Sports Club | Liverpool, England

Location: Liverpool, England

Date: October 14th

Time: 12 PM UTC+1

Format: 3v3

Prize: £250

Register: Link

DBAP Gaming | Durham, NC

Dazerin and Vodible will be casting live from a Triple A baseball stadium in Durham, North Carolina. Check it out this Saturday on Twitch!

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Date: September 30th

Time: TBA

Format: 2v2

Prize: $1000

Register: Link

DC-Maryland-Virginia Weeklies | Fairfax, VA

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

Date: September 22nd – October 13th. Every Friday.

Time: 7:15 PM ET

Format: 2v2

Prize: Prize Pool % based on total number of entrants

Register: Link

More information: Link

DreamHack Denver | Denver, CO

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: October 20th

Time: 5 PM MT

Format: 3v3 BYOC

Prize: $2000

Register: Link

TexasRL Dallas Open | Dallas, TX

Since last week, TexasRL had added Onslaught, Premature Superhero Cops, Splyce, and Ambition to their list of stretch goals. Stax, Curtis, and Premature Superhero Cops have been fully funded and Dazerin is halfway there. Make sure to check out the store!

Location: Dallas, Texas

Date: October 8th

Time: 10:00 AM CT

Format: 3v3

Prize: $1000 + Donations

Register: Link