Zeus’ Battlegrounds, $10,000 to be won in weekly tournaments during Dec


Industry Games announced Weekly Zeus’ Battlegrounds tournaments throughout the month of December. Beginning December 1st, the company will hold weekly tournaments using solo mode to reward players that attain a leaderboard standing of 50th or higher with 1st place each week receiving $1,000 in cash!

Zeus’ Battlegrounds is a free-to-play battle royale game with a focus on melee and ranged weapons. To play, download the game at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/682290/Zeus_Battlegrounds/
The leaderboards will be reset at the beginning of each of the following 4 weeks.

  •          Week 1:  December 1 – 7th
  •          Week 2:  December 8 – 14th
  •          Week 3:  December 15 – 21st
  •           Week 4:  December 22 – 28th

The summary of weekly tournament rewards are as follows:

  •          1st: $1000 Cash
  •          2nd: $500 Cash
  •          3rd: $250 Cash
  •          4th – 10th: $50 Steam Gift Card
  •          11th – 50th: $20 Steam Gift Card

The first weekly tournament starts Saturday, December 1st, so start practicing today!


  1.        Industry Games has final say on tournament standings and the awarding of rewards.
  2.        Cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone cheating will have their account banned for the remainder of December and not be eligible for tournament rewards.
  3.        To receive a reward, players who have qualified must fill out and submit personal information in the Settings section of the game.  This will allow Industry Games to be able to contact you and properly deliver your reward. Any personal information collected is subject to our privacy party and we will never share your information with third-parties.
  4.        Industry Games employees and/or families are not eligible for rewards.
  5.        Cash rewards for 1st-3rd places will be delivered in an agreed upon fashion.
  6.        Rewards for 4tt – 50th will be sent an equivalent Steam Gift card code via e-mail.
  7.        Rewards will be delivered within one week of the end of each week of the tournament.
  8.        Industry Games reserves the right to change the map that the game is played on from week to week.
  9.        Must be 18 or over to receive a reward.

About Zeus’ Battlegrounds
Gear up and prepare for battle in the fight of your life! Summoned by Zeus for the ultimate test of cunning and will, your challenge is to defeat all other Demigods in order to take your rightful place on Olympus.

Are you mortal, or are you a GOD?

• Free-to-Play Melee-based Battle Royale Game
• Fight as a Demigod in action packed battles including God powers
• Up to 100 players per game
• Season format where you can earn dozens of cosmetic items
• Huge world (Additional combat areas will be added regularly)
• Play Solo or in Teams of up to 4 players
• Leaderboards show current rankings and personal stats
• Legendary weapons
• 4 levels of Godlike Armor
• Customizable male and female characters
• Play in 1st or 3rd person view