Square Enix at gamescom 2017

The tension is building, the excitement is ramping up, the tickets are selling out. Yes, Gamescom 2017 is now just a few days away, and Square Enix Collective™ is proud to announce it will once again be part of the global party.

Five forthcoming Square Enix Collective games will be boarding planes to Cologne later this month, including the much anticipated Unreal Engine powered multiplayer shooter Battalion 1944, which has been wowing gamers at events around the globe throughout the course of this year.

Gamescom, however, will represent the game’s hands-on premiere in Germany, throwing gamers into the frenzied battlefields of Europe in the final throes of World War II.

Also making the trip will be: –

  • Throughline Games’ beautiful 2D cinematic anime adventure Forgotton Anne, where players take on the role of Anne as she tries to escape the Forgotton Lands and return to the real world
  • Multiplayer masterstroke Oh My Godheads, where players fight for control of ancient stone heads in ridiculously fast and frenetic action
  • Psychological horror Tokyo Dark, which puts a new spin on point-and-click play thanks to a multi-branching story rife with melancholic undertones
  • Bullet dodging 3D brawler Deadbeat Heroes, which brilliantly taps into all the best tropes from classic 90s beat-em-up games

It’s a line-up full of contrasts that’s guaranteed to keep attendees enthralled throughout Gamescom 2017‘s run at the Koelnmesse.

“We think this year’s Gamescom is going to be the perfect platform to highlight the standard of games Square Enix Collective is here to throw its weight behind,” said Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix London.

“The amount of attention Battalion 1944 has amassed has genuinely taken us back a little – it’s become a common occurrence now to see queues building for Bulkhead Interactive’s latest offering when other big blockbusters have been on stands just around the corner. Gamers are clearly clamouring to head back to World War II, and we think Battalion 1944’s focus on old school multiplayer will help it stand out.

“This, however, is just the start. We think the other games we’re taking with us will prove just as popular – Forgotton Anne’s 2D anime art style stops people in their tracks whenever they see it, while Oh My Godheads is the perfect party game. Completely different is the shadowy horror that is Tokyo Dark, which mixes point-and-click based play with a storyline that has multiple branches and numerous different endings. Finally, Deadbeat Heroes is the kind of brawler we think gamers will struggle to put down.”