Anshar Studios at gamescom 2017

Detached at Gamescom! The newest multiplayer update debuts in September, but players will have the opportunity to test it in Cologne. A beautiful map, dynamic new mode, a more approachable difficulty level, and more attractions await all aspiring astronauts!

Our newest update will offer extraordinary experiences for everyone ready to take up the challenge – the universe of Detached was never as diverse as now. Try out your skills in multiplayer mode, ‘Race’ mode, test the ‘Simulation’ difficulty level, and admire the newest map. Don’t hesitate, just put on your goggles and dive into a cosmic, virtual void.

Visit Anshar Studios at Gamescom and play Detached! You’ll find the game in Hall 4.1, Booth A-015 (Indie Games Poland Booth).

Players will have the chance to see all-new mechanics, which will be included in an update coming this September and focus on multiplayer mode and its improvements! Fight for victory in the dynamic Race mode; reach checkpoint after checkpoint to finally win the race and beat your opponents. On top of all that, Anshar Studios has prepared a whole new map, allowing you to experience the intense feeling of distant infinities in the VR cosmos. And with the all-new lobby, players will be able to easily join in games with their friends. Players who enjoy multiplayer competition can now show off their skills through social rankings, and the ‘Simulation’ difficulty level is perfect for everyone looking for free, undisturbed roaming. Movement speed is now unlimited and players can move even faster through outer space.

Soon you’ll be able to put your skills to the test and become one of the best!

About Detached
There’s no other VR game that offers such exceptionally dynamic gameplay. The unlimited omnidirectional movement in space promises an unforgettable experience. Challenge a friend to Detached’s PvP mode and have fun outsmarting them! This variation on the popular capture-the-flag mode will test your control skills and challenge you to outwit your enemy with the advanced abilities of the EVA suit.

The highly atmospheric environment allows you to experience the intense immersive feeling that comes with VR devices, giving you an extraordinary experience. On top of that, players using the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can count on full controller support, further enhancing the gameplay experience.