Arc World Tour 2020, eSports tournament for all fighting game players

Arc System Works America, Inc.  announced the next installment of its global tournament series, ARC WORLD TOUR 2020 (AWT 2020), will start in spring 2020 with new games, events, and $100k in prize money on the line.

Featuring BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Version 2.0 and Granblue Fantasy: Versus, the tour runs from early spring until fall with events in North America, Europe, and Asia with the tour finals scheduled for the end of the year.

The tour will be comprised of main events, community-held Daredevil Events, and several online tournaments. Fifteen pre-qualified and one last chance qualifier spots per game will be up for grabs.

ARC SYSTEM WORKS AMERICA is committed to global eSports through the promotion and support of fighting game events where all players and communities can share the excitement of competition.