Clash of Kings Strikes PAX West

Get ready for this year’s PAX West, because an exciting event is about to take place. Elex Tech is bringing Clash of Kings to PAX for a must see one-of-a-kind event for its 3rd year anniversary. There’s a huge surprise in store this year for attendees, but what is known is that it will involve a giant dragon, large crowds and an event you won’t soon forget. It will be open for both players and press alike.

As the pioneer of real-time global server mobile games, the game’s main focus is around global multi-player strategy warfare and having players participate in construction, military training, alliances, and a grand fight for the throne. The large-scaled battlefield brings to life the thrill and tensions of a real war that brings cross-server rivalries, warfare amongst kings, and ancient battlefields.
Using medieval Europe as the game’s premise, in the era of warring kings and rivalries, players embody medieval lords with duties of maintaining castle infrastructure, producing agriculture, generating an army, expanding territory, and ultimately battling with others players from all over the world.

Clash of Kings is available to download now on the Google Play and iOS App Store. Check out more information on the Facebook page.

Three New Civilizations

Dragonborn: Considered the descendants of the first dragons, this civilization can increase the speed of chariot attacks and scientific research while decreasing horseback army attacks.

Dragonborn Hero: Caroline the Prophet is able to obtain the research stone, shortening the time required for scientific research.

Yamoto: Legend has it that the civilization of Yamoto was created by the great gods of Heaven. Joining this civilization will greatly increase archer’s attack abilities and increase experience gained from killing minions while decreasing chariot attacks.

Yamoto Hero: DaoJi the City Architect Master has the ability to provide speed boost items, shortening the time of construction.

Vikings: Legend has it that the Vikings are blessed by the God of Asa. Joining this civilization will greatly increase horseback army attacks and speed city construction, all while decreasing archer attacks.

Viking Hero: Valkyrie the Soul Healer is able to convert between wounded and dead soldiers.
Military Rank Points: Fighting your fellow players, annihilating soldiers, and participating in cross-server events go towards your overall Military Rank. With 10 kingdoms in one group, players receive Rank points every Monday based on their previous week’s ranking. These points are reset every Monday, so make sure to participate each week.

Rank Bonus: Bonuses will be given to players every Monday based on their previous week’s ranking. The higher your rank, the more bonuses you’ll gain. You can also receive properties in accordance to rank.
Rank Honor: Honor can also be gained through battles and events. This can enhance skills permanently and be used in the military store for props and equipment. A max of 25,000 honor can be gained per week.

3-Year Anniversary Sigil
To obtain the 3-Year Anniversary Sigil exclusive rewards, these 4 challenges must be achieved:

  • Log in during the Anniversary event period.
  • Unlock any civilization-exclusive dragon.
  • Unlock any civilization-exclusive hero.
  • Attack and conquer any rivaling civilization’s castle.

Players who have achieved the 3-Year Anniversary rewards will be displayed on the Lord’s Interface.