Desert Bus for Hope 2019, over $800,000 raised for children’s hospitals

On November 14, 2019, at 8:41PM Pacific time, Desert Bus For Hope 2019 reached $6,000,000 in lifetime donations.

With a record-breaking year just hours from finishing, Desert Bus For Hope 2019 has hit a brand new milestone; just one year after reaching $5 million in lifetime donations, the marathon charity drive has hit $6 million in lifetime donations. This record setting amount is the capstone to a run which began with the largest pre-run donation amount, $22,825.69, higher than the first Desert Bus’s entire run, and will end with a new record of over $800,000.  The dedicated team of volunteers are humbled by the generosity of all of its viewers, guests, and donors.

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About Desert Bus for Hope

Desert Bus for Hope is an annual online charity gaming marathon broadcast out of Victoria, BC. Founded in 2007 by online sketch-comedy group LoadingReadyRun, all of the money raised goes directly to Child’s Play.  To date, they have raised over $5,000,000.

About Child’s Play

Founded in 2003, Child’s Play is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing toys and games through their worldwide network of hospitals and domestic violence shelters.