Frontier Developments, Paradox Studios, Colossal Order, and Mojang Combine Their Powers for a PDXCON Super Panel

PDXCON attendees, mark your calendars: on May 13th at 3 PM, the minds behind some of the world’s most creative games will participate in an hour-long panel about the gaming sandboxes that have captured our imaginations and never let go.

Creating Games for an Equally Creative Community” will examine how hit titles like Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, and Planet Coaster inspire player’s creative instincts, and how designers decide which features of an infinite list of possibilities to include.

Just who are the titans of the gaming industry who will be taking part? We’re so glad you asked! The panelists are:

The panel will be taking place during PDXCON, Paradox’s annual event that – for the first time – is open to the public. PDXCON is taking place in Stockholm on May 13 and 14, and you can still buy tickets here:

PDXCON, it’s going to be legendary!