Halo 5 FFA @ HaloWC 2018 Finals


Just as 4v4 team-based modes are core to the Halo multiplayer experience, so too is Free-For-All (FFA). We’ve been holding FFA tournaments for the lone wolves at many of our recent HCS events, as well as Microsoft Stores worldwide, and we continue to see more and more players sign up to play each time.

As we revealed earlier this year, each open event on the Halo World Championship tour will feature a $5,000 FFA tournament, totaling in $20,000 up for grabs! Today, we’re excited to announce the Halo 5 FFA @ HaloWC 2018 Finals here in Seattle, WA where 12 qualified players will duke it out for an additional $10,000! There are three ways to become one of the 12 qualified players, read on to learn more.


In addition to qualifying top teams, the four Halo World Championship 2018 open LAN events in Orlando, London, Sydney, and Mexico City, will feature $5,000 Free-For-All tournaments where the winning player will earn a trip to the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals in Seattle, WA to not only watch the world’s best teams duke it out but also participate in the Halo 5 FFA tournament.


Microsoft Store has served as a destination for gaming and esports fans to engage with and build the grassroots Halo tournament scene, and we’ve seen an incredible showing of support from local communities. So we knew we had to kick off 2018 in a big way. In partnership with the Microsoft Store team and tournament platform smash.gg, we’re thrilled to reveal that Microsoft Stores across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico will host four FFA tournaments to find the 5 best FFA players in North America. All are welcome to visit Microsoft Stores and meet with our Gaming Community Managers to get the latest on the tournaments.

Here’s how it works!

Each Microsoft Store will be placed into one of five divisions within North America. At each participating store, FFA qualifiers will take place on:

  • Sunday, January 28
  • Sunday, February 11
  • Sunday, March 4

The winner from each tournament will qualify for the Division Finals on Sunday, March 18, where only the very best player from each division will earn a free trip to Seattle, WA.

Players in Australia will be able to participate in the FFA Qualifier Series at the Flagship Microsoft Store in Sydney. Winners from each of the three tournaments will be granted free entry into the ANZ HaloWC 2018 Sydney Finals and top seeds in the $5,000 FFA competition there.

Of course, you can still expect to get REQ Packs for participating and finishing towards to the top, but as we announced back in October, players will also receive this exclusive skin for the Battle Rifle. Registration for each store will open up on smash.gg in the new year.


On April 13-15, the eyes of the Halo community will turn to Seattle, WA for the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals. For fans looking to not only watch top Halo but also play, they’ll be able to compete in an open Free-For-All tournament. The top three players from the open FFA tournament will go up against the other nine players that have already qualified. This is the last of the three ways to become one of the twelve finalists!

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • HaloWC Orlando Open
  • EU HaloWC London Finals
  • ANZ HaloWC Sydney Finals
  • LATAM HaloWC Mexico City Finals
  • Microsoft Store – Division A
  • Microsoft Store – Division B
  • Microsoft Store – Division C
  • Microsoft Store – Division D
  • Microsoft Store – Division E
  • Open FFA @ HaloWC Finals
  • Open FFA @ HaloWC Finals
  • Open FFA @HaloWC Finals

Once all twelve players have been found, they’ll be split into two groups of six to compete in two FFA games on Truth and Regret. The top three players from each group after both games will then qualify to the finals where one game on Truth will decide it all!

Free-For-All continues to be an exciting and growing part of the Halo esports, and we hope to see top players from around the world head to their local Microsoft Stores and HaloWC open LAN events as well.

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