Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, ‘Global Games voting’ now live

The Hearthstone Global Games are nearly upon us, and we’re calling on card-slingers from around the world to vote for the players they’d like to represent their homeland.

We’ve narrowed down the field of viable competitors to the nine highest Hearthstone Competitive Point earners in each eligible nation. The top point earner per country has been locked in as the team Anchor, but it’s up to esports fans to decide the remaining three players to form their national team. Check out the official voting page for more details.

Voting concludes at 7:59 BST on June 13, and everyone who voted will receive one free card pack from The Witchwood (to be delivered at a later date). Voters will be able to cast their ballot for any eligible representative from their home country, unless their nation isn’t participating—in which case, they’ll be able to select players from any of the 48 countries taking part.

The Hearthstone Global Games tournament play then gets underway in July, where the teams will begin fighting for global dominance. For more information about the structure of the tournament, the schedule, or formats used, check out the official blog.