Heroes of the Dorm Regional Championship Preview

Blizzard Entertainment

The dust has nearly settled on the regular season and we’re now one step closer to crowning 2018’s Heroes of the Dorm National Champion. The Regional Championship begins March 11, and with over $500,000 in scholarships and prizes on the table, now is the time to meet this year’s top contenders.

Rouge et Au – Université Laval [Laval]

ULEarth | Jerome Levesque | Criminology | Graduate Student | Flex
ULHairyBlob | Daniel Gourdeau | PhD in Medical Physics | Senior | Support
ULElectromad | Simon Deroy | Visual Arts | Graduate Student | Tank
ULWouka | Patrick Langlois | School Counseling  | Graduate Student | Ranged Assassin
ULNesdip | Bruce Jouve | Computer Science | Graduate Student | Ranged Assassin
ULQuantum | Anthony Christopher Charron | Education | Graduate Student | Specialist
The Canadian team Rouge et Au has been a mainstay of Heroes of the Dorm since 2016. Laval maintains four of its core players for the 2018 season while augmenting its lineup with Nesdip, an import from France. The new talent seems to have stuck, helping the Rogue et Au pull together an impressive 9-1 regular season to follow up a solid top 8 finish last year. Outside of gaming, the players are all involved in athletics, enjoy team spirit activities, and plan to initiate their French teammate by taking him to a maple sugar shack. Laval was the only undefeated team heading into week 4 to not have a prior Heroic Four finish, but with a veteran roster and an emphasis on team synergy, this squad is poised to make its mark in 2018.

Scratch em – University of Kentucky [UK]

Zabutak | Michael Pina | Computer/Mechanical Engineering | Senior | Melee Flex
RogerThat | Roger Dittert | Nursing | Junior | Warrior
Gogoing | Noah Overby | Mechanical Engineering | Sophomore | Ranged/Flex
Quonzar | Mike Dittert | Chemistry | Senior | Ranged
Piccabbo | Daniel Pina | Sophomore | Support
Like the remainder of teams on this list, University of Kentucky is no stranger to the Heroic Four. After being knocked out of Heroes of the Dorm 2017 by Louisiana State, they returned to the scene even stronger, handing tournament favorite LSU Purple their only loss of the regular season. The members of the UK squad are great friends and serious Heroes players, but they also have busy lives. Although their responsibilities often keep them from enjoying time together, they always seem to find time for the team. Between diligently preparing for matches, grinding scrimmages, and studying the game in their free hours, the members of Scratch em have a fair chance to take the championship.

Dream Eaters – University of California – Irvine [UCI]

Frosty | Parsa Baghai | Computer Science | Senior | Flex
Pandasaurus | Loc Tran | Computer Science | Senior | Ranged Assassin
AltF4 | Jeremy Taylor | Computer Engineering | Sophomore | Melee Assassin
Descraton | Jeffrey Du | Business Economics | Senior | Tank
Litenex | Benjamin Nolpho | Computer Science | Junior | Melee Assassin
SaltyScyther | Scott Nakano | Computer Science | Sophomore | Support
The UCI Dream Eaters has its fair share of veteran players, but big roster changes have shaken things up in 2018. After finishing the 2017 collegiate season as one of the Heroic Four, UCI had to onboard new talent if they hoped to come back strong. Although Pandasauraus and team captain Frosty are the only returning members of the roster, rookies Descraton and Litenex have clearly stepped up. The team’s leadership has worked hard to cultivate a sense of camaraderie in the newly formed squad. Between playing other games, working out, and making fun of Frosty’s skillshot accuracy, UCI has shown that synergy is key to a well-rounded strategy. Hardly a darkhorse, UCI currently holds an 10-0 record. Will any team knock them down?

Tricky Turtles – University of Connecticut [UConn]

MonkeyLamps | Mitchell Salvatore | Computer Science and Engineering | Senior | Support
Raleway | Jason Yip | Computer Science and Engineering |Junior | Ranged Assassin
revackey | Cody Revicki | History | Junior |Tank
Harvey | Xiaowei Xia | Economics | Junior | Flex
Rpsd | Ryan (Dong Min) Suh | Digital Media and Design | Freshman | Melee Assassin
Chiruno | Hyesung Lee | Mechanical Engineering | Senior | Flex
Team captain MonkeyLamps has been involved with UConn’s Tricky Turtles since the first iteration of Heroes of the Dorm in 2015. He led UConn to a Heroic Four finish in 2016 and a solid top 16 finish in 2017. While players have come and gone, roommates MonkeyLamps and Raleways are the team’s most seasoned competitors. The UConn squad recently brought on Harvey, a mechanically adapt rookie with plenty of room to grow. While the team prides itself on strong mechanics, they are actively working to improve communication and shotcalling in 2018. Strong teams in Heroes of the Dorm tend to have similar levels of technical skill but UConn believes that exceptional communication separates the good from the best.

LSU Purple – Louisiana State University [LSU]

Hoss | Ben Hosford | Public Relations | Junior | Support
Hecarimj | Austin Bollich | Nutrition Science | Junior | Flex
Viccuri | Victor Alvarado | Chemical Engineering | Senior |Ranged Assassin
TheWinds | Nathan Fontenot | Kinesiology  | Junior | Tank
Shot | Austin Lonsert | Sociology | Graduate Student | Ranged Assassin
FurnoxdeLSU | Alex watson | Electrical Engineering  | Senior | Flex
The core of LSU’s roster boasts a storied past. Hoss, HecJ and Shot were founding members of the team Imported Support that battled in a 2016 regional championship held at PAX West. That team went on to compete in the HGC circuit until it was acquired by LFM esports for the 2018 season. After a second place finish at Heroes of the Dorm 2017, the five remaining members of LSU Purple had to find new talent to replace Drated, a Dorm all-star exiting the collegiate scene to play assassin for LFM. Instead of raising a rookie, the team has relied on grad student Shot, a longtime friend of the team and 2016 Heroes of the Dorm champion with Arizona State. LSU’s triumphant return hit a snag in in this year’s tournament, taking a 0-2 loss to University of Kentucky, a team LSU knocked out in 2017. Despite the misstep, LSU’s senior squad strung together an impressive regular season record of 9-1. With a team comprised of five Dorm finalists, LSU is a clear favorite to take the final step in 2018.

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