Heroes of the Dorm – Regional Play Week 3

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As Heroes of the Dorm continues, teams are starting to separate themselves from the pack. Take a look at the results from the key matchups of Week 3.

  • [University of Utah] (Utah) def. [Utah Valley University] (UVU) 2-1 – Match Results
  • [George Mason University] (GMU) def. [University of North Carolina – Charlotte] (UNCC) 2-1 – Match Results
  • [University of Toronto] (UoT) def. [Western University] (WU) 2-1 – Match Results

To see how your school is performing both nationally and within their respective regions, visit HeroesoftheDorm.com, or check out the regional standings and national leaderboard.

Broadcast Schedule:
Watch this week’s broadcasts live at 5:00 p.m. PST on 2/28 & 3/1

Heroes of the Dorm: Atlantic Coast Region

Check out last week’s episode on the Clemson team and their match against Virginia Tech.