Kakao partners with SLIVER.tv – Korea esports platform on blockchain

Kakao’s Klaytn blockchain project has announced that SLIVER.tv Korea, a new mobile esports platform powered by the Theta video delivery network, will join Klaytn as an initial launch partner. SLIVER.tv is a global esports streaming platform built on blockchain that currently counts more than 3 million monthly active users across the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

SLIVER.tv Korea will be the world’s first end-to-end mobile esports experience, powered by the Theta blockchain and a new native Klaytn token. Users will be able to share their excess bandwidth to relay SLIVER.tv Korea video streams over the Theta Network, earning Theta Fuel tokens in the process. At the same time, users will be able to earn app-level Klaytn blockchain tokens for daily login bonus, participating in chat, donating virtual items and various other engagement actions. The launch of SLIVER.tv Korea expands Theta Network’s footprint in the Korean market, building on partnerships formed with SamsungVR, MBN, CJ Hello, Pandora.tv and KAIST university.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with SLIVER.tv and Theta Labs to launch their esports platform in the Korea market by leveraging our user base of over 50 million Kakao mobile messenger users,” said Chase Choi, Head of Business Development at GroundX, Kakao’s blockchain unit.  “SLIVER.tv has built an impressive global game streaming platform with over 3 million users and we believe we can help them become successful in the Korea market while driving significant adoption and usage of our Klaytn blockchain.”

“SLIVER.tv is positioned to take advantage of the cutting edge innovation happening in Korea, from pioneering mobile gaming, to its embrace of blockchain technology and early market leadership and adoption of 5G wireless,” said Mitch Liu, CEO of SLIVER.tv and Theta Labs, Inc. “The convergence of these trends presents a unique opportunity to build the first ever mobile-to-mobile esports platform powered by blockchain rewards from Theta and Klaytn native chains.”