LOL All-Star 2017 Group Draft


With Worlds 2017 wrapped up, it’s time to celebrate the best players and regions at the 2017 All-Star Event! As you may have heard, we’ve made some changes to the event since last year. Let’s start with teams and groupings!

How did teams get grouped?

To create the two groups for the tournament bracket, our All-Star Coaches from each region created power rankings of all other teams competing in the All-Star tournament. These rankings were then used to create a group draft where the teams from each region place their highest ranked opponent into the group opposite of themselves. This continued down the line of teams until all eight teams were assigned into either Group A or Group B.

Based upon their victory at Worlds, the LCK took 1st seed and was placed in Group A. LCK picked LPL as the strongest remaining team, making them the first team in Group B. In response, LPL placed EU into Group A. EU continued their rivalry with NA, placing them into Group B, followed by LMS into A and GPL into Group B. To round out the groups, TCL was placed into group A and CBLoL into Group B.

Additional Tourney Information

With LCK, EU, LMS and TCL in Group A, and LPL, NA, GPL and CBLoL in Group B, all teams will be playing a single round robin group stage, with the top two teams from each group advancing to a Bo3 Semifinals, followed by a Bo5 Finals.

Which teams will rise and which teams will fall? Find out when the All-Star Event kicks off on December 7, 3 PM PT

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