Overwatch Contenders 2019, Three Epic Live Events

Blizzard Entertainment

Details about several international live events planned for Overwatch Contenders in 2019. Hold onto your seats—there are three brand-new live Contenders events on the horizon.

Introducing Showdowns

We’re dividing the eight Contenders regions into two divisions, consisting of four regions each, to inform invites to our new Showdown live events. Four regions will send their top teams to the Atlantic Showdown, while the other four regions will send their top teams to the Pacific Showdown. We’ve positioned these live events during the Overwatch League mid-year break to maximize viewership potential and player recognition from Overwatch League scouts!

Pacific Showdown

From May 24–26, 2019, top teams from Australia, China, Korea, and the Pacific will face off in an intense double-elimination bracket.

Dates: May 24–26

Location: China

Tournament format: Double Elimination

Teams Invited:

  • Top 1 from Australia
  • Top 2 from China
  • Top 2 from Korea
  • Top 1 from Pacific

Atlantic Showdown

Top teams from Europe, North America, and South America will meet in a double-elimination showdown between May 31–June 2.

Dates: May 31–June 2

Location: Europe or Americas

Tournament format: Double Elimination

Teams Invited:

  • Top 2 from Europe
  • Top 3 from North America
  • Top 1 from South America

The Gauntlet

The pinnacle of the season will be the Gauntlet, which will be held from October 10–13 in a location to be announced soon. All top-performing regions will send their teams from Season 2 to the Gauntlet. Performance in the Pacific and Atlantic Showdowns will determine specific invites.

Dates: October 10–13

Location: TBD

Tournament format: Groups to Double Elimination

Teams Invited:

  • Teams invited based on Atlantic and Pacific Showdown results.

The Gauntlet’s tournament format will emphasize interregional competition for maximum excitement. We’ve scheduled it after the conclusion of the 2019 Overwatch League season, when teams will once again prepare to sign players for the following season.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming very soon. In the meantime, follow Overwatch Contenders on Twitch and Twitter!

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