Player Omega & Super League Gaming, Local Esports Communities

Player Omega, a first-of-its kind, participation-based gaming and esports lifestyle tour, and Super League Gaming, a leader in bringing live and digital esports entertainment and experiences directly to everyday gamers around the world, announced a partnership to provide esports players, fans and local organizers with monthly events in each market where Player Omega debuts in 2020. Super League also will be participating in Player Omega’s inaugural event on November 9-10 at the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif.

Together, Player Omega and Super League are committed to creating year-round opportunities for gaming communities in underserved markets to experience esports in ways typically available only to those living in major metropolitan cities.

Whether via competing, organizing, shoutcasting, or spectating, players and fans along Player Omega’s tour stops will have access to events that cater to their love of gaming and enable local connections with others who share their passion. The partnership will foster a network of vibrant gaming communities built upon a foundation of positivity and inclusivity.

“Player Omega is about bringing something special, something big and exciting to players and organizers who haven’t had local experiences like this,” said Jon Bukosky, CEO and founder of Player Omega. “Working with Super League offers us a chance to continue the celebration of esports well after the tour stop ends, ensuring we’re making a lasting impact in each community.”

At the November event, Super League will host one of the participatory zones, offering programming for Fortnite, League of Legends and Minecraft players. For 2020, Player Omega has confirmed stops in Minneapolis, Niagara Falls, NY, Norwich, CT, Salt Lake City and Philadelphia, with tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Super League will recreate its Player Omega experience on a recurring basis in each market.

“It is inspiring to see Player Omega step up and address the unmet demand for large-scale esports events in cities across the country where fans generally are relegated to digital spectating,” said Matt Edelman, chief commercial officer of Super League Gaming. “Through this partnership, Super League will be part of signature experiences that energize local gamer communities and then we will carry the torch on a grassroots level, consistently celebrating players who often are overlooked due to location yet contribute mightily to the amazing growth in gaming and esports.”

Tickets for the inaugural Player Omega are available here and players interested in participating in Super League programs will have a chance to sign up on site.