Playmind’s Nightmare World “The Inner Friend” Worldwide Premier At Gamescom

Playmind, a gaming and digital media studio with over 15 years of experience, is proud to announce its presence at Gamescom 2017 with the studio’s first game, The Inner Friend for PS4, Xbox One, PC and VR.

Throwing players into an Alice in Wonderland type world where dreams and nightmares are intertwined, The Inner Friend takes place inside the physical realisation of a subconscious universe. Players are led through this 3D world by a myserious Shadow, acting as a witness to his childhood memories, collecting each one to rebuild what was once a safe haven.

Together, the player and the Shadow descend always deeper, unraveling a rich but wordless story, but every journey has to end. What secrets hide in its darkest corners?

“The game will see players descend into an eerie world made of scattered memories and unresolved traumas,” offered Playmind founder Emmanuel Sévigny. “By exploring a nightmarish landscape, they’ll come face to face with their childhood fears.

“The Inner Friend inhabits a rich visual environment, supported by an immersive soundscape, and cinematic music that promotes immersion and deep emotional moments. Intenionally dark, scary, and mysterious at times, the environments are surrealist representations of memories and fears. Movement, imagery, and music are the key means of communication the player’s got to interact with the Shadow, their guide throughout this descent.”

The Inner Friend is the first game by Canadian outfit Playmind, which was first formed in 2002. Since then, founder Emmanuel Sévigny has been creating state of the art AR,VR and interactive installations as well as digital environments and event-based games.

Sévigny first started work on The Inner Friend two years ago, building on his experience developing event-based games and interactions for advertising, museums, events, world fairs and performances.
The Inner Friend will hit PS4, Xbox One, PC and VR in  2018.