Project CARS: The ACR League Returns For Another Season

Project CARS

Actrollvision Community Racing is back in action with the third season of its “Triple Threat” Community League. As always it features three separate competitions, each with 10 rounds of races: GT5 (Beginners), GT4 (Intermediate) and GT3 (Pro). With relegation and promotion between each of the three tiers.

The GT5 League kicked things off at the Red Bull Ring’s National layout. With some new talent on show we saw some new faces on the top of the grid order. Ginger_Ferrett took pole, 0.7 ahead of Babajaga and Sam_Bishop in third. The lights went green and a great start by Ginger_Ferrett saw him take the lead, Andersantell, another new driver, made it up to second, while Sam and Baba held third and fourth. Unfortunately for Andersantell, he spun on lap 2 and found himself last. Up front Babajaga, Sam_Bishop and now Phatmatt were battling for second spot, with dozens of overtakes between them. This let Ginger_Ferrett drive off into the sunset. 25 minutes later and after plenty of mistakes from other drivers in the pack, Andersantell climbed all the way back up to second. Babajaga rounded out the top 3. Ginger_Ferrett has been given an early promotion to the GT4 league, and AnderAntell was the Driver of the Day. Read on for the results from GT4 and GT3.

 The GT4 League also raced at Red Bull Ring National. In qualifying DJKrick took pole with Marshalljm in second and Valeboss95 in third. The lights went green and Valeboss took the lead from third, Marshalljm stayed second and Djkrick dropped down in third with Thecrusherbro in fourth. These drivers traded paint for 15 minutes before a mistake by Thecrusherbro and DJkrick left Marshall and Vale to battle it out. Drama ensued as Vale took the lead at turn one as Marshall ran wide to avoid a back-marker’s crash. In a fantastic show of sportsmanship, Vale waited for Marshall after this incident and let him take the lead once again. Three laps later he took the lead on merit and got his first win, with Marshall in second. Then Thecrusherbro spun on the final corner to gift DJKrick the podium. Driver of the Day was Valeboss95.

Finally there was the Pro series, GT3. This time on the Red Bull Ring GP circuit, and in very foggy conditions. CaddyWurst took pole in the Cadillac with a monster lap. Second was Blankfile and third was ACR_Robinjus. Those three had a great getaway and finished in that same order too. CaddyWurst was very dominant, whilst Blankfile was under pressure from Robinjus from start to finish but he could not find a way past. The biggest shoutout goes to the whole field, as there was no major incidents in a race where the drivers could hardly see more than 20 feet in front of their cars.

​If you’d like to find out more about the ACR league, please contact Actrollvision on Facebook or Twitter. Or visit his website.