Rainbow Six Pro League: Week 3 Recap

Rainbow Six Pro League

After the third week of Pro League the teams in North America, Europe and Latin America are now one step closer to the regional play-offs!

Following their victory against Ronin Esports, Evil Geniuses grabbed the first spot of the NA regional play-offs, winning against Spacestation Gaming. The latter, who dropped into the loser bracket, will face off against Obey Alliance (the former eRa Eternity roster) to determine the second qualified team from Group A. Latin America saw Black Dragons secure their spot in the Latin American play-offs against Bootkamp Gaming. In the second match of the LATAM Group A, Team oNe Esports had a second chance to follow Julio and his team after the former’s victory against Red Canids. In Europe, PENTA Sports advanced to the next stage after taking down Millenium, who will now have to face Mockit Esports to determine which team who will be joining PENTA in the European play-offs.

Check out the Week 3 results from each region below:

North America:

Evil Geniuses – Spacestation Gaming: 2-0.

Soon TM – Ronin Esports: 2-0

Watch the VODs: Evil Geniuses – Spacestation Gaming, Soon TM – Ronin Esports

Latin America:

Black Dragons – Bootkamp Gaming: 2-0

Team One Esports – Red Canids : 2-1

Watch the VODs: Black Dragons – Bootkamp Gaming, Team One Esports – Red Canids


PENTA Sports – Millenium: 2-1

Mockit Esports vs. Team Oplon: 2-0

Watch the VODs: PENTA Sports – Millenium, Mockit Esports vs. Team Oplon



Alchemy – Crescendo: 2-0

eiNs – Rsk Ninja Gaming: 2-0

NORA-Rengo – Sengoku: 2-1

SiG – Reforge: 2-1

Alchemy – Rsk Ninja Gaming: 2-0

Sengoku – SiG: 2-0


South East Asia:

Team Scrypt – We The Best Music: 2-1

UniqueMonster – Impetus Gaming: 2-1

Team CryptiK – UniqueMonster : 2-0

Team Scrypt – Team DAD1 : 2-1


Australia-New Zealand:

Zero Gaming – Tahoot: 2-1

Athletico Esports – Taboo: 2-1

Mindfreak – Zero Gaming: 2-1

Dark Sided – Athletico Esports: 2-1

Don’t forget to watch the VODs to get yourself fully up to speed on all of the matches, and be sure to check out our Top 5 Plays of the Week to catch up on all of the action!