Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 Levels Up For Third Annual Event

Salt Lake Comic Con ( and Salt Lake Gaming Con ( kicked off the third annual Salt Lake Gaming Con at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.

Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 is designed to provide gamers of all ages and interests a venue to play and experience their favorite and the newest and latest video games, board games, esports, gaming tournaments and competitions. Attendees can also meet their favorite gaming professionals, voice actors, game creators, industry experts, and gaming celebrities.

Ed Fries, the creator of Microsoft’s Xbox and Father of Microsoft Gaming, will keynote the conference on Friday, July 7, 2017, at 11:00 am. His presentation, entitled “My Life in Gaming,” will share stories and examples of his love of gaming and how it led to him creating one of the most popular gaming brands in the world. In addition to Fries, Salt Lake Gaming Con will feature a number of special guests, voice actors and professional gamers, including Jennifer Hale, Steve Blum, Chris Jones, Ken Bretschneider, Anjali Bhimani, Feodor Chin and Josh Petersdorf. Jennifer Hale holds the Guinness World Record for the most prolific videogame voice actress ever.

In addition to Fries, Chris Jones and TruGolf will be at Salt Lake Gaming Con. Jones is the creator of the Tex Murphy series of adventure games. The games feature Tex Murphy, a down-on-his-luck private investigator in a post nuclear San Francisco.

TruGolf is the creator of award winning golf software development and video games, including the number one golf simulator software that is used in golf simulators around the world. Its golf video games have been some of the most popular since the 1980s and are based on the Links franchise.

Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 has added a number of new features, including:

  • WizKids: WizKids specializes in board games and collectible miniatures games.
  • Mystery Escape Room: Mystery Escape Room is a live entertainment experience where a group of people enter a themed room full of puzzles, riddles and secrets. The group must work together to follow the clues that will lead them to be able to escape the room within a time limit.
  • USS White Buffalo: The USS White Buffalo is a Star Trek Simulation focused heavily on the Artemis spaceship bridge simulator.
  • Live-Action “Super Kart Racing”: Super Kart Racing simulates a race on carts similar to the video game, Mario Kart.
  • Dart Gun Zone: The Dart Gun Zone will feature more than 100 Nerf guns, 5,000 bullets, and will pit participants against each other.

“We’ve really ‘leveled up’ this year in every area and are excited for the experience that fans will have at Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017,” said Jake Williams, Founder of Salt Lake Gaming Con. “We have more than 700 board games, tournaments and competitions, prize money, cosplay contests and some of the newest gaming technology for fans to try out before they are released to the general public. We’ll have something for fans of all ages and interests.”

Tickets to Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 are still available via the website,, and at the gate.

“Game playing in all its forms and genres is something that people of all ages participate in and at Salt Lake Gaming Con game players of all interests and skill levels will be able to find their favorite games and try new games,” said Dan Farr, Salt Lake Comic Con Founder and Show Producer. “We’re committed to providing a family environment and a venue for people to explore games that they normally wouldn’t be able to play.”

“Dan and I both have a background in video games. We were excited to get back into it with Salt Lake Gaming Con. This years event will be a big step above last year and our fans are excited to be a part of it,” said Bryan Brandenburg, Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re on track to double attendance over last year with this two-day event and with all the fun activities participants will be hard pressed to experience everything.”

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