SMITE Pro League 2019: Season 6 Format & Details

In Season 6, there are some major changes coming to the SPL format. We are moving away from online play, meaning that all SPL matches will be played live on LAN at the Skillshot Media studio in Atlanta, GA! This is a big change for the league, and with it will come a few other adjustments to the format:

  • 10 teams with NO region restriction — meaning players from anywhere in the world can compete on any SPL team if they are picked up by a partner organization.
  • 2019 season will not be separated into Spring, Summer, and Fall splits.
  • Win/loss records are now season-long, meaning all games will go toward determining a team’s SMITE World Championship placement.

There will be no relegations heading into Season 6, so team rosters are locked for the entire year. All SPL players will continue to earn a minimum salary ($30,000) for competing in the league. Partner organizations will be announced at a later date.

Here’s a quick look at the general schedule for the SPL in 2019:

  • Pre-Season: 5 weeks of play
  • Phase 1: 13 weeks of play
  • Event 1: All-Star Invitational
  • Event 2: Mid-Season Invitational
  • Phase 2: 13 weeks of play
  • Final Event: SMITE World Championship

The pre-season will begin on February 7, and we will release a complete schedule alongside full league details as we enter the new year.

That’s all the info we have to announce about the SMITE Pro League for now! We’ll be publishing additional details about SPL Season 6 ahead of the pre-season kickoff. For more info on our other SMITE esports leagues next year, keep an eye out for our 2019 SMITE Minor League announcement and our 2019 SMITE Console League announcement. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more updates on the SPL as we enter the new season!