snakebyte GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS ROCK, PlayStation 4 controller

snakebyte announced the shipping of the GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS ROCK™ , a new PlayStation®4 controller featuring a substantially improved grip for optimal handling. The innovative gamepad is finished in stylish stone grey, and features Bluetooth® technology, giving PlayStation®4 players the freedom of movement they need with no latency or drop-out.

The GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS ROCK™ is shipping from all leading game retailers.

The unique structured-surface-coating of the GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS ROCK™, is applied to the controller during production, ensuring a particularly secure grip and providing an exceptional tactile experience. Gamers receive impressive vibration feedback via the two built-in vibration motors, designed to immerse them even deeper within the gaming experience. Analog joysticks and triggers allow precision control at all times.

In addition to its unique handling characteristics, the GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS ROCK™ is also distinguished by other practical features. The wireless Bluetooth connection is particularly responsive and also ensures low connection latency. In addition, the gamepad is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack connection and an LED home button. With the built-in “Share” button, recorded game clips can be shared with the community at the touch of a button.

The GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS ROCK™ is available in a variety of colors, and for gamers preferring a tethered connection, the GAME:PAD 4S™ is also available as a wired controller.