“Sonder.Episode ONE” will be part of the Leftfield Collection at EGX 2017

KAMAi MEDIA, an independent game development studio is excited to announce their game “Sonder.Episode ONE” (An interactive non-linear time loop) has been selected to showcase at the EGX Leftfield Collection at the 2017 EGX to be held in Birmingham, UK from the 21st to the 24th of September 2017.

“Sonder.” is a Hard SciFi third-person Mystery Adventure game unlike anything you have ever played before. It is an interactive nonlinear time loop where you are in total control of space, time and the lives of everyone in it.

“Sonder.” is a game that is experimenting with the formula of non-linear narrative design driven purely by player choice. We feel that we have created a good initial implementation for our ideas, and we are ready to bring in our potential players to the development process. Because we have a lot of unique and interesting features, Steam’s Early Access platform gave us the possibility to have a large amount of our audience provide feedback and help us shape the final product.

About “Sonder.”
“Sonder.” is an interactive narrative Third-Person Mystery Adventure game where every choice the player makes has a long term effect on the outcome of the game.

The game can be played from the perspective of any character and features a unique rewind mechanic that allows players to make different choices and experiment with the results.