The inaugural ASUS PC DIY Day to be held on December 3, 2020

ASUS announced the inaugural ASUS PC DIY Day to be held on December 3, 2020, in celebration of its PC DIY legacy and community of PC gamers, creators, builders and modders. Building PCs, also known as PC DIY, has been an integral part of the ASUS DNA since the launch of its very first motherboards over 30 years ago. Today, ASUS makes most of what PC builders need to create their own system, with a focus on bringing unique designs and innovative features to PC gamers, creators and power users everywhere.

Build your own PC as easy as 1, 2, 3 on ASUS PC DIY Day

To celebrate the growing community of PC DIY enthusiasts and reflect on the ASUS PC DIY legacy, the inaugural PC DIY Day is a jam-packed day catered to builders of any experience level featuring interactive and educational videos with your favorite PC builders, and much, much more, including contests and giveaways. Tune in virtually via the ASUS Republic of Gamers Twitch channel ( on December 3, or learn more about ASUS PC DIY Day at our online PC DIY hub at, including resources for those new to building a PC. From planning your PC needs to picking parts and putting it all together, build your own PC as easy as 1, 2, 3 with a handy guide written by ASUS’ own PC builder enthusiasts. And, stay tuned after our PC DIY Day festivities conclude, as we’ll continue to regularly update our ASUS PC DIY online hub with new content, resources, and giveaways.

The ASUS Legacy – PC DIY-ing Since 1989

PC DIY has been an integral part of the ASUS DNA since the launch of the very first ASUS motherboards over 30 years ago. Since 1989, ASUS has shipped over half a billion motherboards globally – placed end to end, they would form a chain long enough to circle the globe nearly four times over.

And in 2006, quick to recognize a growing, passionate community of modders and enthusiasts, ASUS launched the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand, dedicated exclusively to developing the world’s best gaming gear. The ROG legacy began with the ROG Crosshair, the first ever motherboard made especially for overclockers and gaming enthusiasts, and continues to this day with the latest game-changing ROG components, accessories and peripherals. In 2010, ASUS also introduced the first TUF (“The Ultimate Force”) Series motherboards for even greater accessibility for experienced and aspiring PC DIYers. Now known as TUF Gaming, every TUF component delivers high performance gaming that’s built to last, thanks to stringent testing and military-grade toughness.

Nowadays, ASUS motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, CPU coolers, cases, power supplies, peripherals, and more are built to deliver high performance, dependable operation, and user-friendly experiences, all the way from the hardware itself to the software that controls it. With cutting-edge design and innovative features for your next build, ASUS has won thousands of prestigious awards in 2019 (an average of 11 every day) and continues to be an innovator in PC products since 1989.

Beyond creating top-notch PC components for gamers and creators, ASUS also continues to foster greater inclusivity among PC DIY enthusiasts and builders of all ages by introducing PC DIY and esports to educational institutions and passionate students who are interested in pursuing STEM degrees and careers. Most recently, ASUS partnered with Generation Esports’ High School Esports League (HSEL) — North America’s largest competitive gaming organization for high schools — and the Army National Guard to bring fully equipped esports labs to 25 schools in North America, providing students with a hub to learn and build their own computers as well as receive college and career advice. For more information on how schools can apply to take part in this program please head to:

“Generation Esports is ecstatic to have ASUS as our exclusive hardware partner for the High School Esports League to help us bring a variety of hardware options to our 3,000+ schools across the country. We chose ASUS because of their wide range of products and prices to best suit the complicated and diverse budgets of schools with one provider to simplify the process. This means more schools will be able to get the hardware they need for fun and fair esports competition come this academic year,” said Jason Kirby, President and COO of Generation Esports.

ASUS is proud to work alongside a number of organizations that share a passion for building a place for gaming and technology in education as well as offer a world-class gaming ecosystem that allow student esports enthusiasts of all levels to participate and grow within their local esports communities.

From Overclocks to Artwork: The Evolution of PC DIY

Beyond the ability to customize a powerful machine for gaming or content creation needs, PC DIY is also an opportunity to express yourself and design something that’s totally your own. Take it from one of ASUS’ featured PC modders, Mods By Ben. Each of Ben’s PC builds also double as a work of art, a reflection of his passion for industrial design and architecture: “When you see some of my computer builds they really do reflect on what I love most, which is an industrial approach to create those one-of a-kind designs. I’m into PC DIY because I love the freedom to express a vision and passion that I have, which is PC designing.”

Deb, the creator behind Andie the Lab, is another PC builder who goes above and beyond in fusing aesthetics with functionality in her builds. When reflecting on the growth of the PC DIY community over the years, Deb comments: “There hasn’t been a more opportune time in tech history to try PC DIY. Cross compatibility is at an all-time high, so the toughest part of the process isn’t even the build anymore. It’s choosing the quality of the component you need and designing a machine that fits your needs and aesthetics; and that’s why I choose ASUS.”

ASUS has recognized how PC DIY has evolved alongside the company over the past three decades, so in honor of the passionate community of gamers, modders and PC builders like Mods By Ben and Andie the Lab, join ASUS on December 3 for the inaugural PC DIY Day to celebrate, have fun and learn why building a PC is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Check out the ASUS website for more details on PC DIY Day activities before, during and after the event, including giveaways, contests and videos featuring the latest ASUS components: