The Last Crown: Blackenrock – Showing at gamescom

The Last Crown: Blackenrock is the newest entry in the cult ghost-hunting adventure series The Crown. Blackenrock is a sequel to The Last Crown: Midnight Horror, released in 2015. The game will feature new locations and new characters. Beloved characters will return, such as Nanny Noah and Bob Tawny.

Iceberg Interactive will show The Last Crown: Blackenrock to press at Gamescom. Reserve your half-hour slot now to be able to check out the highly anticipated game, in a unique opportunity to meet up with Darkling Room’s Jonathan Boakes, as well as Matt Clark.

It is now also possible to be put on the review waiting list. Once keys become available, a review copy along with supporting assets will be sent to you.


  • What:  Play The Last Crown: Blackenrock and a new Psychological Horror game for PC at Gamescom 2017
  • Who:  Iceberg Interactive (Publisher)
  • When:  Tuesday, August 22, 2017 through Thursday, August 24, 2017 (9:30AM – 5PM)
  • Where: Hall 4.1, F 16/E 15