The Valor Series Season 3 Starts

After watching the victorious teams who put everything to conquer the Arena during second season, we are ready to bring the action back, furious than before. Join us one more time for Valor Series Season Three and witness best teams battle against each other for the $200,000 prize pool in the most competitive mobile game worldwide, Arena of Valor!

Each region (EU, NA, LATAM) will have six qualified teams. Among each region, six teams will participate in a BO3 group round robin-online. After the season, there will be four teams from each region advance to the playoffs. Season three playoffs will take place in Sydney, Australia.

Official Valor Series page:

ESL Valor Series page:

Season three qualifiers are now complete and top six teams from each region are ready to jump into regular season! You can catch up their fight weekly live on Facebook.



Nova Esports (1), QLASH SPAIN (2), Team Queso (3), Sleepy Team (4), x6tence (5), CREAM ESPORTS (6)

BMGaming(1), PrideStark Empire (2), Dino Riders (3), Minority (4), YD Alpha (5), Just4Fun (6)

Nova eSports (1), GeO eSports (2), INTZ eSportsClub (3), paiN Gaming (4), ACE 1 (5), Infamous (6)


Weekends from Feb 2-March 24. 8 weekends (16 days) in total.

Broadcasting Schedule:

EU: 5pm GMT-7:30pm GMT

LATAM: 7:30 GMT-10pm GMT

NA: 10pm GMT-12:30am GMT


Broadcasting Channels:



English channels

Spanish Channels


Portuguese Channels

Turkish Channels

Awards (for each region):

First Place: 20,000 US dollars

Second Place: 15,000 US dollars

Third Place: 10,000 US dollars

Fourth Place: 10,000 US dollars

Fifth Place: 6,000 US dollars

Sixth Place: 4,000 US dollars

MVP: 5,000 US dollars

TOTAL: 200,000 US dollars