PUBG – Final Roster Moves Ahead of NPL Phase 1

by Alex Penn – PUBG Esports

With the kickoff to the inaugural season upon us, many of the NPL teams in Phase 1 have made their one allotted roster change and are making final preparations for the season. Below you’ll find the most recent roster changes as teams make the move from their NPL Preseason lineups to their regular season looks.

2019 NPL Roster Rules

NPL and NPL Contenders teams are able to change up to 1 of their 4 players from the NPL Preseason throughout Phase 1. To ensure smooth operation of the league roster changes during a phase must be submitted and approved by league administrators on the Monday before that week’s NPL action (league play runs on Friday and Saturday).

Phase 1 rosters lock after February 25th, and teams will not be able to make any roster changes until after the first global event of the year, taking place after Phase 1 and featuring the top pro PUBG teams from around the world. This means team compositions for the first phase are locked beginning with NPL Weeks 4 and 5, and continuing through NPL relegation, and the global event. NPL Contenders tier teams follow the same rules as NPL.

After Global Event 1, NPL Rosters will unlock and all 16 Teams in Phase 2 will be able to change up to 100% of their roster heading into Phase 2. Rosters for the start of Phase 2 must be submitted by April 26 following the same roster rules applied during the season regarding one roster change. Phase 2 rosters will lock on May 27th. For Phase 3, Rosters for the beginning of the season must be submitted by August 30th and the roster lock will take place on September 30th.

NPL Roster Changes

With everything on the line in the NPL, Cloud9 have opted to replace longtime member Moody, bringing in Lobes as their fourth. Adapt, who formed in November for the sole purpose of qualifying for the NPL, have been picked up by LA based organization Endemic. With this move, Endemic will bring in Wolf as their new fourth, with Lightshow stepping down from playing and moving into a coaching position with Smokin’ Aces.

As of this writing, Cloud9 and Endemic (former Adapt) have already used their one allotted roster change for Phase 1.

NPL Contenders Roster Changes


  • – f1nna 
  • +decipLe 

Elder Wolves 

  • – GB69 
  • + NickS 


  • – vakk 
  • + Kaisuko 

The Happy Campers 

  • – JayAllDay
    + SpreY (Robert Robinson) 


  • -Richy
  • +SteeZybb (Han Tong) 

PlayerOne Esports

  • -Ooglee
  • + lampalot

Additional roster updates will be tracked on, so check back for official confirmation of player moves heading into NPL Week 1.